How to Armor Tank?

I'm feeling a bit salty right now, so I apologize. Basically, I don't understand how the game is balanced between speed and armor. I recognize that ideally the perfect setup should be a balance. Unfortunately, I've encountered enough nearly-naked speed-tanked gold-linking hellspawns that I'm getting sick of not having a hard counter to their bullshit. I don't understand the balance of having your character perpetually stun-locked by one of these naked gnats that can just pound away without a worry because their stamina will last longer than your block. The only way I've managed to get any breathing room was to either dodge (90% chance of failure), parry-strike (50% chance of failure), or use a power like shockwave (80% chance of failure).

I figured if speed was one extreme of the balance curve, surely I could go to the opposite end to achieve a balance. So I tried to armor/stamina tank and use slow but strong attacks. Charge attacks. It... kinda works, but it seems to just make me even more vulnerable to the gnats. So what I'm trying to figure out is, is there another actual meta in this game that is viable or am I doomed to be forced to shed my armor and run around like a crazy drunk with no clothes and windmill my arms off?

What am I missing here? Surely there are other ways to play this game?


  • For the most part its the way you are playing. I've fought plenty of these gnats to know that the best way to counter them is to make a combat deck that is fluid between quick and heavy combos, and a LOT of horizontal moves. What comes after is simply observe their patterns and react accordingly. For example most try spamming the charge tackle thing, you can easily dodge that sideways or with a strafe punch.

    Armor wise, i personally try not to dip below 20 mobility so i can mantain high dps while still looking good
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