Combat Trials "Rematch"

Just had a bug where I reached the end of a combat trial and my opponent left. But instead of searching for another player, the rematch timer continued to count down until it reached zero. Then the game screen went black as if it was resetting the match but the next match never loaded. The game didn't freeze, it just got stuck in some sort of loading limbo. The sound effects of the crows cawing continued playing as normal and my task manager showed the game was still running fine.

This was on the North American server at 12:36 GMT in the Adalian Columbary combat trial level.


  • Hey soldiers_fortune,

    We're sorry to hear that you ran into this issue with a rematch.

    Please answer the following questions to help us with further investigation:
    - Have you experienced this before or it is a first time?
    - Confirm the platform you're playing the game on (Steam/GoG/PS4).

    Thanks for your information and support.
  • I am on Steam. This is the first time this has happened to me.
  • Hi soldiers_fortune,

    Thanks for additional information. I will be passing this report along for further review. In the meantime, if there are any other details you can share with us about the bug that would be very helpful.

    Thank you so much for your patience and continued support.
  • I've had this issue on ps4.

    It is replicatable, and can be used to grief players.
  • Hey looted,

    Thank you for this information. Could you list here the steps necessary to reproduce this issue?
  • Just curious, is this at all related to the glitch where your characters turn invisible after the match, and then it resets after 30 seconds, preventing you from gaining XP?
    This happened to me and a friend on loop until after 3 or 4 of them, we had to manually quit out of the session.
  • I've had this issue on ps4.

    It is replicatable, and can be used to grief players.
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    looted said:

    I've had this issue on ps4.

    It is replicatable, and can be used to grief players.

    Hey looted,

    Can you provide us with the steps/actions needed for reproducing this issue? If you don't want to write it here, please shoot us an email to
  • Slcp_waterfallX, sorry for the late reply,


    From area where you can battle twins; Enter challenge match, play the match. When match ends wait until time is almost out then quit match. once back in game immediatly run to bird area, transitioning zones. Works best if players are in both locations. Start new match in new zone if npc's still see you, get into match and quit. Run another zone, you should be invisible to others now.
    It will correct itself if you leave the zone.

    This uses lag witin the game and server to mis-handle player data.

    I left my player in a zone for an hour just making sure I wasn't idle to test length, this did not end it. Changing zones or any other action where the game unloads the zone ends it.

    So re-cap
    Leaving zone can end it. It may not but usually does.
    Going into meditation, practice can end it.
    Starting a 1v1 combat trial ends it every time.
    Reloading game ends it.
    Sleep mode does not end it.

    I have not tried it since new dlc though.

  • Hey looted,

    Than you so much for the detailed steps, that helps a lot with identifying the problem. All the data was sent to the dev team for further check and investigation.

    We really appreciate your help!
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