Dodging in the Wrong Direction?

I wasn't sure if I should post this here because I'm not completely sure if this is a bug or an intended feature. Although I'm leaning towards bug.

I performed horizontal attacks against an opponent, but they were able to dodge these attacks by dodging in the direction the attack was coming from. Normally this won't happen and they'll just get hit, but I guess if you time the dodge just right, some sort of i-frame mechanic kicks in and regardless of the direction you're dodging into you just won't get hit? Or maybe if you have enough mobility this happens?

I've seen this happen for both circle dodges and windfall side dodges. They weren't dodging backwards, not even diagonally backwards, but straight into the horizontal attack, sideways.

I've even been able to do it myself a few times, though not intentionally, and felt really guilty about it. These weird dodges all happened in matches where there was no lag, and in PVE as well.

Is this a mechanic that I simply wasn't aware of or refused to acknowledge because it seemed so out of place in a game that stresses movement correctness, or is this a bug? I'm becoming more unsure of myself by the minute...


  • This is invincible dodge frames, and it's probably the stupidest mechanic of the game, IMO. Dodging through an attack makes absolutely no sense. I don't know why this even exists in the game, when it can arguably work better than windfall avoid if it's abused. Dodging back vs. an attack makes some sense, but it should be based on distance, and in no way should there be invincibility frames, ever, outside of charge attacks.
  • Thank you for clarifying this for me!

    I'm also glad to know that you agree it should not be a mechanic. Having the success of back dodges be dependent on distance would be great, as it would add more meaning to the range stat for each move.

    As for windfall dodges gaining i-frames regardless of direction, isn't the whole purpose of windfall to avoid in the "correct" direction? I feel as though being able to dodge a high horizontal attack from the left by dodging left, when it "should" be dodged by ducking, completely defeats the purpose of the style.
  • I didn't mean this regarding windfall dodges, but the manual dodge that's available to all styles. Do you mean specific horizontal attacks not hitting a windfall on a side dodge? A lot of moves can both be dodged and ducked. Maybe you saw one in a gray area.

  • 0:07 Is this what you mean by gray area?
  • You mean the jumping kick? Yes -- if you look real close at the animation (and I think this is what was intended), you are side stepping while he's jumping upward, so you're getting off the line of the hit box. The next part of the move is the foot coming around to kick, to the right. The kick hit box is to the right, so that move lets you avoid left and duck. It's a gray area because it looks like you're phasing through the leg, but you're out of range of the hit box when it actually lands.
  • Ah, I see.

    Sorry to continue even though you established this is not a bug, but do you think this is fine as a mechanic? I feel the same way about this as I do with the manual dodge i-frames. I would personally like the hit box to match what I'm actually seeing more accurately.
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