Editing my school deck..

I have some minor changes to make to my deck and I’ve read that this was implemented somewhere but I have no idea how to do it on PS4. Is it just not implemented on PS4 yet? I also have major changes to make regarding my schools glove and sword decks :c any and all help is greatly appreciated


  • Sorry I did not see but just go to the man that allows you to create decks. It will cost you but you can change all school features for one cost
  • Hey LuxisAudron,

    Just to notice that you can't directly edit School Deck if you are not a Mentor of that School. As for Mentors, they can update their School content by spending 1 Crystal since Update 1.16.
  • Yea I figured it out. No one said you had to go to a certain NPC to do it. And I was confused as hell for like a good month lmao
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