Gane play, can not play pvp.

I've been playing for a couple months now, made it to CT 121 now, ever since passing ct 110 almost all the opponents have completely decimated me.

How do I even play a game where I can not even get a hit, block or dodge an attack?


  • If youre playing on pc i could train you. If you want that just add me on steam (same name and profil pic)
  • This happened to me all the time at the beginning, it seemed like it was a flurry of stuff that was impossible to see. At that point, switch things up -- throw away the deck you're used to and come up with a new one, because that will force you to think differently. Focus on your class ability and try to counter certain things in the deck you're fighting, then whenever you see the moves you're used to countering, use that as the window to start your own combos.
  • I actually switched back to my original deck. There are still spam decks that are super annoying, I just quit when they show up.
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