I would gladly wait 5-10x longer for matches with better ping (Ps4/NA)

I really wish i had to the option to check my preferences for Matchmaking priorities.
Good Ping matches trump every other factor when it comes to enjoying the game and i'd glasly wait 5 minutes compared to currently waiting on average 1 minute or less.

I understand most devs. try to find a balance that appeals to all players, EG- quicker wait times, better skill matching, etc., but personally i really despise bad ping disparity much more than long wait times or skill gap.


  • I don't know why we have so much lag issues, especially in one v one.

    Step 1 game connects,
    Step 2 data transfered,
    Step 3 data flow optimized,
    Step 4 fight,
    Step 5 cleanup.

    During connection step game decides on best host.

    The data step exchanges character info allowing other system to temporairly store opponent details.

    Data flow optimization checks for issues and corrects bandwidth or lowers graphics on slower connection.

    Fight; now only movement data is transferred allowing a streamlined responsiveness combat.

    Cleanup step begins after each round, removing all data changes and restoring them to pre-fight state.


    Resources should not load as slow as they do. I also play Monster Hunter World with more assets and higher level of detail, load times that are comparable to Absolver yet barely any lag.

    One of the big lag issues is when transitioning zones in Absolver. The save point is not too bad, but when others transition into your game it becomes really bad.


    1st world problems

  • I’m no expert. But I’d hash it up to MH having wayyyyyy more players on PlayStation. This game does not cross platform to the best of my knowledge. Making the ps4 players even tighter knit.

    Also you mentioned load times. Absolver could have similar load times to MH, but assets and load speeds have more to do with graphics cards and processors.

    So the lag is likely because the person hosting has garbage internet, or is on the other side of the country. Which can increase load times from a optimal 60-70ms to 120-and beyond. But you’ll start to notice a stutter in a game that is hitting about 100ms .
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