Nature of Unbalance

I'm constantly matched with players 2 or even 3 times my level
9//10 these players are either Kahlt or Stagger
Both are extremely hard to counter

I join a school with stagger just to try to have a fighting chance and 7 of the moves I haven't even learned yet. Does this mean I'm not able to use them?

PvP is mainly Kahlt players that are constantly stunning me and attacking relentlessly until I'm dead. I just don't see the point of this as I have no fighting chance whatsoever. I've actually managed to last long enough a few times to learn a few moves but since I cannot defeat them all the knowledge is lost. Again what is the point of even fighting if I have no chance because there stamina never stops? I don't think players should ever be able to just continuously attack others on end when you are trying to block or counter. Also while blocking you should take a small amount of damage not taking any damage is uh strange.

Fighting the AI is a challenge and they sometimes attack relentlessly but most of the time they will back off like they are contemplating their next move.


  • Do you play on pc?
    You can use all the moves of your schools deck even so you havent learned them yet. Learning them only means that you can build your own deck out of those moves.

    If youre playing on pc and interested in learning stagger properly, id be glad to share my knowledge and train you until you have no problem with beating the majority of absolvers.

    Im a lvl+1000 stagger mentor. My steam name is although Methamos.
  • Yeah I'm on PC, I just figured that out last night that even though the moves are locked I can still use them.

    I'll look you up on Steam.
    This is mine
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    As first-time Bronze (a single triangle) I'm constantly being matched against Silver or Gold players (the ones with a dozen triangles coming off their level number). One even had Green - what's that about? Is it even higher than Gold?.

    I'm fairly sure they pour all their points into Strength and Endurance so they can spam endless moves where even their weakest attacks will take off a large chunk of your HP/stamina (even when blocking). I rarely even get a hit in because by the time there is an opening, my stamina was used up on blocking.

    I don't actually care for PvP - the problem is that the PvE bosses are locked behind the Combat Trails (PvP) levelling system. And it's the only thing I have left to do until more story-based SP/coop gameplay comes out. It's a shame because I love this game and the combat system is great. It's just the PvP sucks and yet it's unfortunately the main focus.
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    @EndoScorpion just to make some things clear.
    Now that youre bronze, noone will have more skill points than u the cap is 60. Getting more damage through Strength and so on wont have an impact on the stamina damage. The stamina damage of each move cant be changed at all.
    So your opponents wont have some technical advantages. only more practice.
    There are soft caps for each attribute so it doesnt make sense to pump all skill points into one.

    Yes silver gold and jade/green are pretty high lvls and it would be nice if you didnt have to fight those.
    But there aren't that many players available at each region at each time, so the matchmaking will probably
    match you with a stronger opponent rather than with a laggy one.

    I can only suggest you add opponents at your skill lvl as steam friends so you always have some people to fight with,
    and feel free to ask high lvl players for help, the majority of absolver community is very cooperative.
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