Gold chain stamina cost

Hey, I feel the more gold chain a player does the more stamina it costs the attack.

When you work harder and faster you tire faster.


  • is that a suggestion or an observation? because its not like that at the moment
  • So you expect to be able to attack endlessly without tiring?
  • Me or him? I don't think gold link causes to drain stamina faster but sloclap could implement that to balance it. Its one way to nerf gold link.

    I dont think gold linking needs a real nerf, more like a little change, but thats just my opinion.
  • methamos said:

    is that a suggestion or an observation?

    Seeing as they posted in Suggestions, I believe they are suggesting that the stamina cost of sequential gold-linked attacks grow exponentially the longer the player chains them together.

    I for one would approve of this change.

    Now we just need to wait for the current meta abusers to post about how everything is fine and we all need to git gud, and this suggestion will be complete.
  • I’m not sure if this is a good idea.. On one hand, the jab spamming would see more of a drop. But on the other hand I’ve been able to handle it most of my matches. So is it really that serious of a problem? Gold linking isn’t really THAT bad is it?
  • yeah, i don't get this complaint.
    This sounds more like an indirect complaint about fast attack spam than how gold link functions.
    Gold linking works fine as is IMO, and fast spam is absolutely easy to counter. It can be annoying, but so can almost every other tactic in the game if you refuse to adapt.
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    Gold chaining should have an increased stamina cost added, not a % of the cost but a solid cost modified by weight.

    AtkStamCst + (1(Step x Weight modifier))
    step = number of consecutive gold chains

    ie; assume 5 gold chains, average weight and attack stamina cost of 10, we get
    1st hit before chain = 10 +(0(1x1))=10 = (base cost)
    1st gold hit 10 + (1(1 x 1))=11
    2nd gold hit 10 + (1(2 x 1))=12
    3rd gold hit 10 + (1(3 x 1))=13
    4th gold hit 10 + (1(4 x 1))=14
    5th gold hit 10 + (1(5 x 1))=15

    This now becomes a more realistic expectation for gold chaining. More exertion....

    the stamina cost increase effects quantity over quality, breaking the chain resets this.
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    that would be a hard nerf to armor. wich is already rarely used. id prefere a general additional stamina cost of 10% for gold linked attacks

    maybe even a stamina function like 20%-5% increase with more for fast moves and less for heavys
  • Ok so remove the weight variable, then it stacks.

    Of attack moves stamina.
    They could also reduce damage of gold chained attacks instead.
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