Unknown clothes and emotes (PC)

Hello Absolvers!

First of all, sorry about my english.

Im finding people with strange clothes and emotes that aren't in the essence shop. Am i seeing things? maybe there are mods or some kind of cheat?


  • Hello Benriya,

    We have released Adalian Forest DLC recently - a special content pack that contains cool variants of the Forest Caller and Dancer sets, a new sword based on River Gladius, and five new emotes. Probably you are seeing players who bought this DLC on Steam. These items have the same stats as items already obtainable in-game, and don’t offer any extra gameplay advantage

    Please note that we have released this DLC at the request of the players who wanted to pay for additional content in order to support the team.
  • Yes ! beautiful outfits. For some reason i missed the announcement in the discord. Already bought the DLC.
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