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  • I haven't been following the discussion here as close as I should have been, life's been busy and I had decided to wait until the free DLC to jump in again.

    Recently I finally put in the grind to reach Trial rank 60 so I could fight Risryn again, and get her sweet mask.

    I also joined the Drunken Style school and began using it's stance and class ability, found out it complimented my combat deck better than Khalt.
    seryph420 said:

    Keep GL, just make it cost more stamina to do it. Multiple moves pushed together in real succession actually cost more stamina in real life because of the speed needed to do such moves uses more muscles to maintain the momentum and damage amount

    I agree that a stacking penalty to stamina would work.

    However we are not all equal on internet speeds, I'm from australia and even with a so called unlimited 24mbs plan, I still barely manage a 2mb download speed on steam, any higher is honestly a shock, but that's only at night when I leave a download on, gold linking is an issue in matched play because of this, some people can't keep up with another player on the technical side of things.

    I would like to redirect the discussion at this point, I can see how gold linking is a core mechanic of the game, however I think it needs to be opened up by situational advantages created by a player's decisions (I have presented this idea already but nobody looked or made comment on it.)

    I simply disagree with it being tied to button timing with a visual Que on when to press.
  • imo an additional timing would be even better. like a stone-linking, instead of gold linking (maybe than with high stamina cost) or normal combos with less stamina cost, give the player the choice to start the attack right before it would reset and the combo would be lost to perform a stone-link with another visual effect, same or less speed and a higher impact on the opponents guard.
  • So basically no one is against GL, just that it costs too little stamina for basically perfect hits. Ping issues aside, Gold Linking is a game mechanic that should at least be tweaked.
  • If you think absolver is hard play something else perhaps nioh
  • No, I don't think anyone is saying absolver is hard, that's the point. Without a balance away from GL, then how is it hard... Everyone will just eventually all have the same moves, and the game will suck...
  • Even though half my moves are unaffected by GL I think it should be kept. It is (in my opinion) a pretty cool feature.

  • All moves in absolver are affected by GL, just have to press the button at the right time, and the game tells you when to do so.
  • Right, what I mean is that some moves save really few frames through gold-linking. Not calling GL useless just not super important. (for some select few moves)
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    imo its a core mechanic and one that is unique to the game and the world you play in... gold linking doesnt pose a problem as you get higher up and once you start doing it too you will find other more pressing issues to complain about
  • I agree with this one, too. Gold-linking works very well to throw out intelligent combos, but I've seen decks (mainly sword decks) where I know the other person is just mashing square endlessly, running out of stamina, shockwaving, rinse and repeat. There's ways to deal with this, but there is not as much breathing room with a sword deck to get an advantage and change the flow of combat. Gold-linking should give an intelligent combo that has some thought behind it an edge -- meaning conservation of stamina -- while someone that learns to mash the square button should be punished if that's their entire "strategy."
  • @insight even so i experienced this rarely i know that sword decks can become pretty op that way because of the cut damage that ignores the block. i havent looked into sword moves enough to have an opinion on if that should be changed and when, how.
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    What if it were a buff applied under the right conditions?

    Breaking an opponents guard
    successfully using a style ability

    And then it's a timed buff that applies a temporary stamina debuff when it ends?

    This is one of the suggestions I have tried to bring up in the discussion, it makes using moves that impact guard more appealing, because when it breaks, sudden burst of speed for a couple of attacks, but then you need to retreat while the stamina debuff wears off (kinda like the shard power)

    I player that mashes the attack button won't be able to take full advantage of this, because it would force a more consistent break in the flow of their fast and often light attacks.

  • Imo I think the reason why they implement gold linking is to help the actual player learn to not be mashing their buttons in the hope of doing some damage. By using Gold Linking new players to Absolver, or fighting games in general, can use this mechanic to plan their methods or attack (whether it be using mix-ups or such) in the heat of battle, because they learn to time their attacks with the reward of a little less consumed stamina and ignoring the recovery frames, adding more pressure on the opponent. This way, if a person who just mashes the button ever comes across a player that uses charging attacks as their momentum controller, once they know the concepts of gold linking, planning attacks, and/or learning when to attack or not, not only can they possibly see a persons move a little clearer, but will be able to utilize their fighting style abilities to counter-attack and change the flow of the fight. You can literally suck the gravity out of the world using gold link from Knee Strike to Charged Haymaker.
    P.S: Not to mention, charging attacks usually counter a button masher.
  • Good point Haiyru.
    Im sure gold link prevents button smashing. Everyone that I know of that tried absolver button smashed at first.
  • Gold chaining needs to have a stamina cost added, not a % of the cost but a solid cost modified by weight. 

    AtkStamCst + (1(Step x Weight modifier))
    step = number of consecutive gold chains

    ie; assume 5 gold chains, average weight and atack stamina cost of 10, we get
    1st hit before chain = 10 +(0(1x1))=10
    1st gold hit 10 + (1(1 x 1))=11
    2nd gold hit 10 + (1(2 x 1))=12
    3rd gold hit 10 + (1(3 x 1))=13
    4th gold hit 10 + (1(4 x 1))=14
    5th gold hit 10 + (1(5 x 1))=15

    There is now a more realistic expectation for gold chaining.

    the stamina cost increase effects quantity over quality, breaking the chain resets this.
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    And then you have the issue of naked-light gear gold linkers.

    The protection afforded by heavy gear is not enough to justify using it's weight as a gold link penalty.

    i honestly think it needs to be removed from the moves main input line, and should be a buff provided as a reward for strategy.

    My idea has been that when you break the opponents guard or successfully use a class skill, you get a small block of gold stamina, the moves used with that stamina have the faster frame rate, but it's only enough for around 3 moves (or 4 very low cost stamina moves) and after you've used it, you suffer a penalty like the stamina drain shard skill, you could keep going but it would be more effective to retreat and let the penalty time out.
  • I another thread the idea came up where gold link stamina cost was increased by

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    it could although work the other way around with less stamina cost for non-goldlinked moves.

    that way, the balancing would stay almost the same while non-gold linking become more viable. how about that?
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