Adalian Forest DLC (bought and not received)

I own various accounts, I bought absolver with an american account and the Adalian Forest dlc with the italian account I use to play the game and got nothing, so I'm wondering how to solve this.
Please help


  • I know its probably a region issue, but I don't know if the dlc is account specific, like if I buy it with the american account will it only be visible if I play absolver with said account? Or would i then be able to see it on my italian account?
    Also I have two characters on the same account, so do both of them get the stuff?
  • Its a region issue. Happened with diablo 3 and disc game also.

    It should not matter but it does, dlc should not have the region specific meta tag.

    I have games others play, I have dlc but they do not even though its same region.

    Best solution is buy the game and dlc with the account you use to play.
  • that wont work for me id have to buy ps+ on the italian account or rebuy the game, and i fear that if i do that i may lose my saves due to region issue again
  • Hello _6or6on6_,

    I will repeat my answer here as you have raised it in the other thread also.

    If you have bought Adalian Forest DLC for the account on which you don't have Absolver game, that is the issue; you should have the base game Absolver on that account for which you are buying DLC to play the game with DLC content.

    To feel safer with your saves, just back up Saves folder to another place. You'll find your saves here: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Absolver\Saved\SaveGames
  • is it so that if i download it on my italian account my save will be usable even though it was made with an american version of the game?
    and since i have two character will they both receive the gear from the DLC?
  • Hello _6or6on6_,

    The language of the game should not influence your saves, just do not forget to make back up of your saves.

    DLC items are available for all characters on the account for which you have bought DLC.
  • ok thank you very much :smiley:
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