Question about kata transitioning

Okay... So I’m probably incredibly slow to get this, but are the kata not necessarily locked to the stance quadrants, but to the cardinal directions? Like, Spiral Back Punch isn’t specifically a left/rear move but one that requires your body to be facing away from the opponent rather than towards them? And Straight Punch requires positioning towards the opponent rather than away from them? Are the 4 quadrants actually making deck building seem more confusing than it should be?? Have I been frustrated at the lack of unlocked kata availability in the quadrant for no reason???


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    Yes for hand combat there are only moves starting at the front or your back.

    Sword moves are different , they have specific stances.

    Alternatives can never end at the startinfg direction.

    I think the 4 stances are a very cool way to handle the decks. 3might have been to few and 5to much . And going through the stances with your attacks is very intuitive imo

    Although that way you have 2ways of attacking for each move because you can use it on both sides.i think sloclap did an incredible job on that.
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    Yeah, I really love it! I’m just so bad at it....
  • dont worry all start that way
  • Don’t gotta be great to start, gotta start to be great lol I realized that after seeing a bunch of the same moves being used on either side. Then it clicked and I was like “wow... That’s very intuitive”
  • Same here, LuxisAudron
  • The moves also have a fluidity to them. Many moves have complementing moves as well as awkward moves.

    Experiment in the practice sand box when you combine the moves together. Complementary moves will visually flow together.

    This is especially true with many alternate moves. Try to chain several moves together.

    This is where slower decks start to shine, they mix well with fast and medium speed moves driving the combo through.

    Just punishing is not enough, being able to keep your opponent at 0 stamina is amazing, once you can you controll when your opponent can attack you.
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