School Ranking List

Please post a school Ranking List on your site with assoc. Info so to make a better informed decision on what school to join... Please...


  • What kind of info are you looking for? You can always leave a school and join another whenever you want if you don't like the deck or the style.
  • I'm thinking of actually seeing the type of competition and tracking the rise and fall that will happen between schools. Also to give people (noobs) a chance to see more than just the top five schools, so that more schools get recognition.
  • In this I agree, I know it must be very arduous and almost useless to show the hundreds of schools that exist but there could be a way to search by country, so you know if a certain school has people from your country and you can contact them for another medium and talk and help or play together.
  • I’m all for having an improved school and leaderboard system!
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