Game responsiveness lag (not lan or graphical)

I get a couple of matches 1v1 then am hit with what feels like input lag, my controller input seems to lag.

Its not the controller lagging, it almost feels like graphical lag but npc's and other players still move the same.

Reboot ps4 pro helps with this issue.

Visually the character moves and seems to respind slowly, this goes for movements - made out of combat as well as in combat, its almost like my character with 24 fast movement is now 6 slow movement. Every attack is sluggish, it seems to happen more with fast movement (24 and up) then with normal (20 movement)

This happened at 0620 est.

NA Region
Fully charged controller
Does not happen with other games
Reboot ps4 temp fix
Changing gear does not fix
Changing deck does not fix
Starts in 1v1 when screen after battle does not progress after match - ie cant push x to continue countdown not shown but you get matchemade after timer with current opponent if they don't leave mm.


  • Hi looted,

    We're sorry to hear you've run into some technical issues related to the input of your controller.

    I have passed along all information to the dev team so that they can investigate it. If you get any additional information on this, feel free to update this thread.

    Thank you for informing us about it. We apologize for any frustration this issue may have caused.
  • I will record for next time this happens. Its hard to see agains a spam deck, but really noticeable against a slower deck. Gold chaining is almost impossible to do when the weight changes.

    I never would have thought weight until I saw the movement change while in menus.

    i have my three sets at 20 normal /24 fast/26 fast. I don't notice it when I use my 20 normal speed but when I use the lighter gear it becomes really noticeable.
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