Npc / pve block issue

Since the update npc's have been auto blocking without animations, my attacks are just failing.

The attacks don't seem to do any damage, including grab punch, and are stopped on hit. The controller vibrates like they have been parried or absorbed, with no animation.

My stagger defence also fails almost every time.

Timing for gold chaining is also not working properly.

Stagger school

I was in a school and thought that was the issue so I left the school and returned to my old deck.


  • This has happened several times.

    I've narrowed it down to a lag issue, I can play a couple of rounds then it starts. If I leave 1v1 and return it seems to be fixed. The issue is repetative but inconsistant.

    At around 2000hr est
  • Hey, I've been able to reproduce the bug.

    While your in an area, enter the 1v1.

    When another player enters your area it causes the lag issue.


    Play 1v1 from offline mode so nobody can enter your area. Just remember if you move to a new area you open your game to online again.
  • Created new bug post as follow up.

    Issue is more complex then thought and deals with another bug.
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