Possible Absorb buff and also Spam much?

So I have been playing for a few days now, and when I first started I picked the Khalt class thinking that I'd be able to use absorb to conter-attack. Yet it seems that whenever I sucessfully absorb an attack two things can happen, either:

A) I launch an attack but before it connects I get hit immediately by another jab flying at my face at mach 3.


B) Absorb does pretty much nothing and the opponent seems to continue their chain as if nothing happened.

I feel like playing the Kalht is simply worthless because you could simply make a strength/vitality (recommended Kahlt build) on a Forsaken or windfall and still benefit of outragesly high amounts off damage but with a worthwhile skill like avoid and parry.

Also it seems as if spam builds are really popular right now, and though I agree that it is simply a matter of "Git Gud" (since I noticed I am getting better and better at dealling with Jablords) it really isn't FUN to play against such charachters, this game is simply to great to be wasted on mashing square. Unfortunatly I don't really know how you could fix this, though I urge anyone in the community with an idea on how to stop these people to share it with us and the developers, so that we can help maximise the enjoyment people get from this game.

P.S English isn't my first language so excuse me if I have some improper grammar here and there.

P.P.S It seems I ereased this post by accident as it didn't show anymore so I reposted it, huge idiot over here sorry.

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    Currently Khalt method myself and haven't been having too much trouble with spam builds after creating a deck around counter-punching. (Appropriately titled W1N). Here are some pointers you might find helpful.
    • Absorb is neither a parry or a dodge. That's why it falls short of either if used in the situations they'd be more suited for. Instead try using it to top off your stamina, even a sliver of which can fuel a well timed counter-attack.
    • As a personal preference I usually wear as much armor as I can while still being fashionable. It's like padding on extra health you can trade in for extra stamina and that gets refunded if you land a blow. That and the fastest attacks in the game are almost pinpricks once you break 90 blunt resist.
    • Since you don't have a dodge or parry put the next best options in your deck. Attacks that break charge, strafes, ducks or jumps and parry strikes. Be sure to add one or two really hard hits while trying to find an effective combo.
  • People care about easy wins over learning the game completely and making unique decks
  • Pvp=spam city
  • I've noticed Khalt is only effective if you Absorb and counter at almost the exact same time. The ability doesn't hinder the attacker at all, it just opens a tiny window to interrupt with your own fast attack, so you need to have something like Jab or Direct-Punch queued or the attacker will just press right through you.
  • You are correct, however I don't want my main class to only work properly if I use the worlds dirtiest tactics, AKA the spam I despise so much.
  • In my particular case yesterday I played against a user who also abused fast blows. I managed to beat him blocking the first ones with the classic blockade and putting myself in the position where I have a charge shot. That was my way to beat him, while he made his quick punches I received them with pleasure, they do not get too much, and I gave him a good hard blow that takes a good amount of life.
    When I abandoned his precarious style and wanted to match with a variety of punches, winning was easy.

    Try that haha
  • Hey guys. First I play khalt since launch and I'm nr 1 khalt at this moment on ps4 and I will try my best to show you why khalt is shit on the highest lvl competition specially against broken Forsaken that are OP as FCK right now. (must of the top tier players on ps4 changed to Forsaken now).
    Khalt was good before but then they decided to nerf the time u recover your health for a stupid amount of time our hits
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    How do you know you are number 1 khalt player and who the top players are? Is there a leaderboard I’ve yet to see?
  • Are you jade prestige? And I never did quite understand why Khalt was nerfed in the first place....
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