Khalt in competitive lvl

maybe khalt is op in beginners and mid lvl fights, but in the highest lvl players, khalt isnt op our even strong compare to windfall and forsaken.(PS4 patch 1.14)
i will try to explain since i played more then one style... khalt get destroy by against GB, double hits our slower moves if they are weak khalts and try to allways absorb after they stop attacking, and only not advance players fall for that.
Khalt is the only class that cannot stop gb and double hits(most of the time) whit is special, they loose hp and its not sooo easy to absorb and hit back when u are fighting a guy that just spam the fastest atts in the game..... Our punish is a quick and weak att IF we can absorb and hit the counter att and now in 1:14 patch we dont regen mutch stamina on absorb.... mean while for example windfall and forsaken as massive punishement after a dodge our parry ( if u know what you are doing) forsaken a little better at punish whit sidekick after parry and all the atts after have plus 100 damg so sidekick is 200 and something.... windfall now recover a amazing amount of stamina and if u fight a top tier wind fall he will dodge almost every att and have big punishement whit infinite stamina regen even if u feint alot.
To finish this i think khalt is strong in beginners match and less in mid-hight skill players but if u consider the top tier players in this game khalt as it is right now its weaker then windfall and forsaken.


  • I respectfully disagree with u sir. Atm, I would say that the four styles are the closest in balance since the games inception, but Khalt is still the most powerful class, followed by Forsaken, Windfall, and finally Stagger imho. The levels of disparity between the styles have been brought closer in line thanks in part to the communities continuous critiques/testing and Sloclaps great effort at listening to us and adjusting things accordingly. By no means, however, has Windfall or Forsaken surpassed Khalt at the highest level of play imo. I will reevaluate this after spending more time with this latest patch.
  • I respect every one's opinion but can you be more precise in what u disagree and explain why? for example after u read my explanation on why khalt isnt that strong as mid players think, can you explain to me what makes khalt so OP and not the other styles.
    i try to remind you that im talking about the highest lvl like top 20-10 players [ps4] im not quite sure if manny peaple knows whats that.... btw whats your style? do you play in ps4?
  • A good stagger user can pick a khalt apart any day
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    Lukin said:

    A good stagger user can pick a khalt apart any day

    i don´t quite agree since it depends more of the skill of each player, but its really balance on that matter, but yeah stagger is really strong now Lukin
  • With pleasure Vital. I'm a Windfall user on PS4. A high level Khalt user is not hindered by the mix up factor that Forsaken and Windfall users are. Lets be honest here: a true high level player utilizes their defensive special effectively as well as being able to adjust to their opponents strengths and weaknesses. On second thought, I think that we may be on different pages as to what a high level Khalt player is. I'm not going to get into (my opinion) on what it is that they do. I will say that not all Khalt players are created equal.
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    The style themselves are fair but actually using each style effectively is where i think they are imbalanced. All decks but the forsaken allow larger windows to pull off than the forsaken, which has to be timed almost exactly with the start of the attack. While stagger, windfall and kahlt you can be a little late and it will still register a dodge/counter/absorb

    Khalt is most easy to comprehend how to use it compared the others. 3 of which require a mastery of movement and awareness. While forsaken, windfall and stagger put emphasis on watching the actual animation. Khalt does not
  • I play Khalt now and no joke I have a good deal of trouble with GB moves. Even early on learning moves, its hard to learn those moves, as you can either dodge at the very last part of a second or you can use a sidestep avoid attack in that window, but don't do it too early - pushed back kick has a late direction check I believe.

    I've tried to build my deck to compensate for GB moves in PVP, for instance making all of my alternate attacks very fast to try and land a quick punch when they start a GB move. It works when I do it right. Maybe more often than not.. Maybe not... depends on my timing. Parry strike works great for it but so many attacks seem to knock me out of the correct stance that I have it in.

    As for the double tap moves, typically I want to just block them, but often I Khalt as a reflex, and I'd say I absorb both hits maybe 40-50% of the time. The hardest is definitely the GB / Heavy Attack / GB combo. Accidentally absorbing gets you punished hard at least two if not three times.

    I'd like to hear how other more experienced Khalt players deal with GB in pvp. I am honestly thinking of switching to forsaken because guard breaks are so difficult to deal with.
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    As a khalt main, I disagree, khalt is completely viable in high level play. I would argue khalt is more/as difficult to play then forsaken in higher levels.

    In high levels, opponents will throw double hits, guard breaks, and off timed attacks in there combos, and the game gives you tools for all of these. U have to dodge guard breaks and double hits, and guard tank horizontal double hits. Careful with slow attacks, they do get me every fking time. U have to recognise the animation of the attack when it is thrown, and respond differently for the senerio. Like windfall, u have several ways to respond to an attack, u just gotta be less reliant on your class ability then other classes. One of the hardest things to learn in this game is to overcome the khalt instinct to absorb everything. It's more difficult then u think, don't argue if you haven't tried.

    With that being said, ur hopeless if ur opponent is straight up double hit spamming. I'm not saying the game is completely balanced, but khalt is still viable.
  • uhh you dont need to dodge doubles you just spam hyper that is all.. furthermore kahlt is NOT freeze framed after using an ability as windfall and forsaken is so i would whole heartedly disagree blue boys are not that difficult to use at all..
  • As a high level windfall player, addressing the statement about us dodging every move, the best windfall user in the game doesn’t need to dodge every attack. Just one. The good decks have plenty of quick counters after the dodge. I personally memorize my opponents’ combos and then wait for the move I know is coming to dodge. I don’t try and dodge everything thrown my way. That’s a good way to get kicked in the teeth 99% of the time.
  • In short... nobody is denying exactly what the 1st post explains. Khalt won't win any tournaments.
  • Vital is 100% correct on this.
  • This all comes down once again armor bring pointless right now, because khalt was designed to be "tanky" and as the game stands, running around naked is Best
  • Exactly, so sadly to keep on the top 10 on ps4 I'm goin to change to OP Forsaken our good windfall very soon and starting using light armor
  • Vital is indeed correct.
  • I agree with Vital, perhaps it is time to slightly rework how absorb works.

    Maybe by making it possible to go from a succesful absorb immediatly into blocking, which would reinforce the kahlts position as a bruiser, able to tank many hits before riposting.
    (Which is what I am guessing what most people thought the kahlts was)

    Or if people don't like that idea, shortening the time window of absorb while adding a stun to it, making a bit more skill based then "flick the joystick if you see literally any movement from the opponent".
  • Possible reworks:
    • On a successful absorb the attacker's next blow is much slower
    • On a successful absorb the defender's next attack has the properties of a charge move
    • On a successful absorb the attacker is knocked backwards
    • On a successful absorb the attacker cannot goldlink momentarily
    • Stamina gained through absorb is special, and cannot be lost from blocking
    • Give back more temporary health than the absorbed attack would have took if it hit.
    I feel any one of these would easily make absorb much better
  • Nice ideas Hy5dra! Although if you don't mind I'll take a look at them and say what I think oc each idea individually.

    1. Making the attackers next blow slower would make absorb better at dealing with really fast combo attacks, however I feel like it is a little bit to similar the the Windfalls "avoid" ability.

    2. Now this is my personal favourite idea. It would totally fit the Kahlts charachteristics of being a unstopable tank, however the downside would be just that, it'd be unstopable. So I would suggest tweaking this ability a bit by indeed giving it the property of your next attack being able to sustain a blow, however you would take slightly more damage while performing the attack, forcing you to think well aboit the risks of absorbing and the riposting.

    3. I feel this is the most reasonable and functional change, so I don't have much to add to this one.

    4. I don't think this one would be a good idea. Goldlinking is a part of the game that is 100% skillbased and I believe that is what this game is all about, skill.

    5. This change would make Kahlts literally unkillable no? All you'd have to do is absorb, dodge, block and voilá, eternal life!

    6. If I really think about this is what absorb should really have been from the start. As the name suggests you would litterally "absorb" the incoming attack.
    But in my opinion istead of giving you more temporary health then it would have taken if you were to get hit by it, perhaps you should regen half of the hits damage permanently, no more white health bar. (which let's face it, is trash anyway, because absorb always has a net loss)

    All in all, I really think the developers could use our suggestions to make the game better, and once again thanks for helping contribute to the absolver community Hy5dra!

    : )
  • Hi guys,

    Thank you all for keeping discussing this topic and making your suggestions. We can't promise that any of them will be implemented in the game, but we do really care about your feedback, so you are welcome to continue discussion and share your thoughts and ideas. Thank you so much for being active!
  • The problem is that the heavy atts become alot more op like the GB so that makes khalt worse, then they nerfed armor so khalt worse, then they make khalt healthy recovery a insane amount of time. This whit what I had sayd allready on first topic equals a khalt needing a rework fast.
    My suggestion maybe is that khalt gets 50% less damage after missing a absorb on a GB. And gets is health back faster like before. It would balance since GB would do half damage when we miss a absorb on it so peaple will stop spamming all the time gb and looping against khalt
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