Skills disappearing

So I just created my own school, mainly just for the achievement really, but it seems this was a mistake. I have my skills in pve mode but whenever I enter pvp they are gone, which as you know is pretty much a death sentence. Anybody know a work around?


  • After fighting in pvp to get a crystal to edit my school I managed to gain back my powers. I went down in 1 round and gained shockwave and again went down to get heal back. If I stayed fighting the same opponent I kept my powers, but if I fought somebody else, my powers were gone again.
  • Well I left my own school and went back to the games own school run by Raikko and my skills have come back in pvp but I've lost all progress in the school.
  • Yeah, this losing your skills you learned in the school is totally bogus. Why should I forget what I learned once I completed my schooling. I want to be able to learn all the different styles and build up my powers that are associated with each one till I have everything. That makes switching styles often so much more viable.
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