Beating spinners

So I recently got this game from the free monthly games on ps4 and was pretty shocked this was the first time I'd seen it. I really enjoy the game, although more pve story gameplay would be great, but I have 1 problem.

I've built a pretty decent deck and have beaten plenty of players with it but there is 1 type of player that really annoys the hell out of me, and that is the invincible spinner. Why!? Aside from it being utterly ridiculous and completely unrealistic, it's damn near unbeatable unless you are using the same thing. They have max speed which is fine, they can be dodged or parried if they didn't only use spin moves that can't be avoided. Most of the spin attacks are also moves that avoid attacks also.

I've seen other people complain about this here and elsewhere and it seems that absolutely nothing will be done about it. So aside from quitting or becoming one of these cancer players, what can I do to stand a chance?


  • Are you talking about the whirlwind double punch only, or moves like drunken smash and other horizontal stagger attacks?

    If it's whirlwind double punch, I've interrupted it with the following moves:

    Curled Uppercut
    Back Wing Kick
    Liver Knee

    I believe the front kick can also stop it pretty effectively. Any mid or low should be able to interrupt it, if it catches it at the right time.

    Secondly, if you practice a bit with windfall, you can jump it. I'm assuming parry is the same. It has a weird timing that you have to learn to deal with, but once you do, it's satisfying to jump over this and immediately punish someone for using it.

    Thirdly, you can block it, and mark where it is in someone's deck, and use it as a bookmark to predict what move is coming next, and punish the following moves, if you don't even want to deal with WWDP.
  • WWDP is definitely one of them yeah but also handstand kick and a couple others I'm not sure of the names. A sweeping kick, spinning high kick, hooked punch and high roundhouse kick. Basically there combos are all wide zonal attacks. Sometimes I can pull a duck or jump off to avoid people but rarely the max speed players as duck and jump are much harder to time than a sideays dodge, so much so that I've clearly jumped over attacks before, proven by the animation but still get hit.
    I wish it was easier to balance the fight against them, I really enjoy it when fights are difficult but fair and are a challenge and you really have to put effort in, rather than getting lucky enough to land a single attack.
  • All of those moves are high, so what I would do with someone with that deck is not to side dodge at all, but just duck one or two of those moves. It takes time to learn how to time the duck for some of these, as you have to let them come in toward you a bit. The bigger moves have more of a stamina drain on them and gain for you, so learning how to avoid these will turn the tables.
  • Yeah every move you listed can at least be blocked dodged and parried, there is no "unbeatable" moveset, just especially remember don't get frustrated mid Match, then it seems unbeatable. We've all been there
  • I agree RepoMan; they are ridiculous looking and clearly OP. They're fast, decent range, double-hit, hit laterally (can't side-avoid) AND they dodge high attacks. WWDP and Handstand kick are especially hard to deal with as a Khalt. It's easy to see why they are so commonly used, and if included in a very fast deck, it becomes very hard to break-through without dis-engaging first.
  • I'm using windfall as I prefer to dodge. Thanks for the tips guys, I'll try work on my duck and jumps. Its just really frustrating with the incredible speed. I do think it is something the developers need to address, but trying to beat it like this can only make me a better player. I'll be posting my deck soon as well of anyone would care to critique it!
  • I use several of those moves, just not as a staple in my deck. I like them as they are great when you get ganged up on by a mob of npc's or a pair of pk'rs.

    Timing is key, I've had a hard time fighting against those moves early on as well. Key is to watch for the low roll, block, counter. A good fast kick works great.

    There is a space in the spin perfect for counters. After that its punish time, 14-18 speed attack after counter works great, if its a double hit move even better.
  • I've been nailing people using the handstand kick today, I'm just trying to figure out the tell tale signs of a WWDP aside from what move they generally use before it.

    Thanks for the tips.
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