Jab and feet kicker

Stupid simple moves that ruin the entire having experience are a quick jab and a quick foot kicker that always seem to interrupt, can't Dodge, they take every bit if stamina quick if you block and are being repeatedly used over and over... It's just a wasted fight and it makes you want to not play anymore. What's the point of all these moves if you can just jab and kick interrupt every move... It makes the game pointless, armor pointless, speed pointless. If they want to be speed demon, fine... Take away the interrupt and let's see some skill... Not just be poked to death by some Troll who figured out the imbalance.


  • Try this against someone with all straight attacks: choose windfall, stand there, and learn to dodge every single thrust attack. Then, if people come in with fast straights, you can look like Neo from the Matrix, and dodge every single attack until they run out of stamina. Then calbot slap them to death.
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