Input buffering issues

Currently if you input an attack or defensive, but receive blockstun or hitstun prior to it coming out, your character will do the action after the hitstun wears off. This becomes an issue when you slightly mistime an input, or a lag spike occurs causing an attack to land earlier than usual. Causing your character to leave themselves open by doing an action the player did not intend to do after being hit. This feels bad and leads to many unintentional actions on the players behalf because they have no way of voiding these queued actions after seeing they were hit.

When you are hit, all inputs that haven't been acted upon should be voided to prevent this. In addition, If any other input is done after the initial action queued, the previously queued action should be replaced by the next input. Inputs like blocking (that cancel upon release) would void the queue via tapping (due to the action overriding the previous input then being released). These 2 additions would prevent players doing an unwanted attack after a whiffed defensive, and prevent players doing a defensive or attack after being hit when they mean to do a different action in response to getting hit.


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