New Players

Don’t get discouraged the matchmaking can be tedious at times but just try and vets if you see they are just started out don’t just rush and goldlink spam that’s gonna drive people away because the fight is already one sided, maybe help them out teach them moves so they can become more of a challenge or just out right let them win so they can get the xp should always try and lend a hand happy folding fam


  • No they just keep Goldspaming, cuz they are just reeeeeal.
    Going back to for Honor i guess :)
    Really love the Game and the Mask-thing...but ye :))))
    Bronze-Monsters are real.
  • Was a Bit mad yesterday, sorry about that ;D
    I lost like 6 Times in a row, against Bronze (lvl40+) Players , they just spammed me down :(
    I dont want free wins, i want CT where i can improve and have fun with.

    Can you maybe explain the strengths of the 4 Styles?

    Stagger and Windfall looks super Fluid compared to Kalth and Forsaken.

    Or i can do all attacks with all Styles?
    What does the „Style-Symbol“ in the top-corner means(Forsaken-Symbol etc.)
    Is there any benefit by using These attacks as a Forsaken?
  • The symbols are for the war gloves that scale up the damage of specific combat styles.

    Yes you can use all attacks independent of wich main style you choose.

    I think there are enough guides for the styles so ill just scratch the point here:

    Windfall: mini dodges in 4 directions that give you stamina when you succeed
    difficult but a very elgant looking way to regenerate your stamina and evade heavy attacks. Dodging fast attacks is a bit uneffective especially when you have to dodge with pure reaction. So block light attacks instead, until you know your opponents deck.

    Khalt: gain stamina and attack time advantage from absorbing hits. The lost life will regenerate.

    nice to keep up the pressure and look like a Berserker. Funerable against guard breaks and double hits at first but as soon as you know when to use the normal dodge and how to double absorb you'll get extremly strong.
    But care, you will not get the life from your absorbs back if you get hit afterwards. So stay aggressive.

    Forsaken: parrys to 2 directions that let you get a free hit on your opponent when successfully used.

    Vunerable to feints and fast hits afterwards but thats a small cost for becoming a fortress almost immune to all heavy attacks.

    Stagger: evase attacks in 4 direction that you can use, gold link into your combos or feint at any given time.

    This style is different to all the others because you get very low advantage for using this ability defensively. Instead stagger give you the possibility to use 6 different attacks instead of 2 at any time.

    Keep it up trainer_jk there are alot of ways to play this awesome game.
  • Today all worked out a Bit better :D its like 7-5 for this Morning o:)
    Aiming for lvl60 and some new Moves today B)
    Ty for your answer :)
  • Learning to block only when they strike is pretty good for getting stamina back when playInn windfall
  • No point in learning stagger, it's nerfed to hell and pointless in every PvP so far. Tried mixing it up... Once you've got it down you realize everyone else knows it too and already has a jab waiting...a frelling jab and no move gets past.... Ultimate jab. Pointless game
  • Agreed, stagger is dumb. That style and all its ridiculous moves bring the whole experience down.
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