I didnt play absolver for a few weeks and as i entered this week i didnt have a single match without lagg issues :neutral: Especially the stagger backdodge is useless for me now because the delay is to long and inconsistent to get the timing right.

Im living in Germany/Berlin btw
Id like to know what others experience lately and where youre from.


  • Hello methamos,

    We're sorry about the lag issues encountered.

    If you encounter laggy matches, would you mind sending us the date(s) and approximate hour(s) of the matches with your Steam/GoG/PSN ID, please? The email address is for PC or (for PS4).

    That will help us to try to find out what happened, looking into the server's logs of laggy matches directly.

    Thank you for your patience and support!
  • Hi waterfall,
    Unfortunatly i dont know exactly at wich time i played but ill make notes to it in the near future and send it to the support.
  • Today, an hour ago. Lag in regular world, with double marked ones.
  • There's lag in almost every 3v3 game on ps4.
    Eastern US.
  • Just now i quit a 1v1 because of the massive lag. The match finished 10 minutes ago.

    The fights before were good, no lag, no problems.
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