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Here's this idea.

We should have duel (1v1) tournaments!
A bracket of fighters could be made.

We could have players select a mode and be put into a tournament with lets say 8 others for a total of 2 rounds and a finals. Similar to For Honor's ranked duels we could have matches to feel out your opponents and then you all get placed into a bracket based off your number of wins. The winners are put against eachother and the losers as well. In the finals the two victors would fight. Upon a final victor being decided they receive lets say 1000 to 2000 fragments based off their wins, with potential prizes like masks or weapons being included.

Another way for the tournaments to be handles would be have 4 matches to begin. The 8 fighters battle in their respective fights seeds of 1 through 8.
If fighter 1 beats 2 he moves on to the next round. If fighter 1 beats fighter 3 he moves on again into the finals against lets say fighter 7.
The victor would potentially earn the same rewards as above except based on final placement (what round they made it to.)
Maybe you could add a spectator mode to these even if a fighter who lost wants to continue watching.

I believe 1000 to 2000 fragments would be a good reward for these. As they take time and you'll fight difficult opponents. You could reward players fragments for whatever round they lasted until. With the ultimate victor earning the grand prize of lets say 2000 fragments and a random piece of equipment.

If anyone has any suggestions for improving this idea drop them! All are welcome!


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