What the bloody hell is with this matchmaking?

Why the crap are level 10-30 being matched against 60 and up in 3v3s? it is extremely onesided and not at all fun to fight against. Yeah I'm high level and its an easy win for my team of 60+. HOWEVER it is not fun when I get paired with noobs as low as level 2 against an entire team of high level players. Its like the game is saying "Oh this level 31 prestige will totally balance out the two level 5s that downloaded the game 20 minutes ago yeah yeah totally" Friggin...fix this


  • That’s absolver my guy
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    sry but 30 to 60 is already pretty good considering that you would have to fight lvl 1000+ players one month ago.
    at least on pc
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    Have they stated how their matchmaking works?
    Also, are our win loss stats tracked anywhere?

    Edit: nvm, they answered the first part in another thread
    "The current matchmaking system places you based on Character Level (not Prestige), Skill Rating (hidden), and Ping."
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