Weapons should have lower shard cost, i just don't see the point of getting a 4 shard weapon when you can spend it on a shockwave and heal, its just sad because we got those flashy weapons that look stylish af but can't use them because they cost so much.


  • Hey thefantasticmustache,

    Thanks for your feedback about weapon's shard cost. We can't promise that we'll change that, but it is essential for us to know how do you feel about your game experience, so feel free to continue sharing your feedback and thoughts.
  • I have to disagree, once you change your weapon not only do you add damage to your attacks but also now you have a completely different moveset in most cases. But in any case that is my 2 cents.
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    Bow staffs ??? That would be good just sayin !!
  • Bow staffs ??? That would be good just sayin !!

    It's spelt Bo. :) And I want them too. The promotional trailer has a male with one across his shoulders. I WANT ONE!
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