[PS4] Hiiii the names Ryuumen ^^

Hiya guys I'm a PSNewb and I've been really getting into Absolver. I've recently just turned to level 50 and ah I'm really having a blast with this game I genuinely feel like I can't put it down.
If anyone is looking to challenge me or just hang out and fight some marked ones add me on PSN just make sure you give a message that you're from the forums first though! ^.^ (I think I could give a pretty okay challenge to most people)


  • I’ll def send you a friend request when that pve update kicks in until then enjoy Adal
  • I’ll add you in a bit n-n I can’t wait to play with more people lol
  • Nice, I’ll add you later today if that’s okay. And thanks Luxis for accepting the friend request. Hopefully we can play some today
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