Please make a Ban feature

Some players are toxic using emotes to taunt and BM. There are others who do nothing but run around the map.. and then there are players who are much better than you who for some ungodly reason keep getting matched up with you no matter how long you wait between queues.. There really should be a toggled ban to deal with these people instead of just leaving and giving them a win and essense


  • Hello R3kk3N,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We appreciate that you share your thoughts and your game experience. I can't promise that they'll be implemented, but I'll be sharing your ideas to the team. Please continue to do that; we need your feedback.

    Thanks again for your support!
  • point in fact i had just reported someone to steam for harrassment in game.. i mean.. its in the mechanics to be a dirt bag here so i dont expect you guys to do anything about it.. but when someone follows you around attacking you whenever you come out of a match.. thats lame..
  • I pointed this out months ago in a rude and childish rant on this forum; but the devs have no problem with trolling and "toxic emotes". Don't forget, they programmed those gestures with the obvious intention that they would be used. So next time somebody hits you with a "poor thing", just imagine the devs are doing it.
  • Ban is clearly needed. Not a permanent one, but for some short period of time. People with no manners and toxic behaviour are... a bit unpleasant to play with. You still can enjoy a fight with them from time to time as everything can be a lesson, but this kind of behaviour should be discouraged. Of course they can do whatever they want. We just need an instrument to make sure it's somewhere we can't see them - nowhere near people who don't want to play with them.
  • Nanashi. yep sounds good
  • PvP is awful in this game people just love being different dickheads instead of enjoying the game that’s why I say fuck that and just fight npc all day
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    PvP is awful in this game

    It's not PvP which is awful, but people and their perceptions. And it doesn't really matter if they enjoy the game or not. The question is whether you enjoy it or allow yourself to spoil your own perception of it because of others.

    Forget that.

    What I'm trying to say is that there are many people who just try to enjoy PvP. And you need at least two people for that )) Sometimes we allow our ego to get the best of us and some of us don't even try to be nice in the first place, but our (small) community is quite adequate in general.

    The ban feature is still needed though. Just some kind of exclusion from potential list of oponents for a short time will be enough. Sometimes we just don't want to fight the same person again for... whatever reason.
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