Manual dodging and blatant combat avoidance

its a problem that is all


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    y im not 100% sure what the problem is. poeple that jump backwards all the time or that leave the game immediatly?
    people that avoid to fight you specifically or that you end up in the same map with the same guy when u leave and reenter the ct?
  • These are Dark Souls / Bloodborne players who are used to dodging away from heavy hits. That playstyle is slow and methodical, and not suited for Absolver. Hopefully the PVE dlc doesn't make this style more practical, while featuring giant bosses. If the giant bosses can only be manually dodged... *facepalm.
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    I just think removing the I-frames and making it function like a strafe would fix the problem with it. Just make the angle to the other player determine if it's a strafe or not so you can still chase with long range thrusts when they back dodge. Then implement a spacing check whenever someone initiates a manual dodge to solve phantom range issues with low range attacks hitting when they shouldn't.
  • I think Velindian has the truth of it. This seems like such a clear and effective solution, I'm surprised it hasnt already been implemented.
  • what im refering to in the original post is people blatantly hitting you then dodging away.. you cant catch them unless you take gravity.. you take gravity they do it back.. manual dodging is able to skip away from horizontals at point blank which is stupid to begin with.. how the hell you gonna side leap thru a hook? anywho.. thats what the commotion is about i just deal with it now someone starts running and acting stupid.. i give em free essence because well thats how the game is designed.. be an asshat piss off your opponent make him leave profit
  • The i-frames are definitely BS, but doing a "stick and move" routine isn't all that bad. In boxing they call that "getting on your bike", you just fade back and ride around a bit. It's annoying but not necessarily cheap or unrealistic. It's a dick move for sure though
  • used in a fight fine.. used to troll not fine.. thats the difference
  • There is a very thin line between too much back-dodging and just being smart, trying to recover your stamina after 3-4 strikes. It's not like everyone has to use the same tactic. Personally I don't like to stick to my oponent like a glue (looking at you kahlt-users). Still, like I've already said, there is a thin line between "just enough" and being a d**k, landing 1-2 hits and constantly running away. It can be really irritating.
  • maybe just increase the stamina cost of each following jump within 0,5 seconds(stacking up) or so...
    that wouldnt fix the weirdness but maybe its harder to abuse it
  • they should have a recharge function like forsaken parry.. for these manual dodges that in itself would eliminate all of the trolling you cant continually dodge around to avoid combat
  • maybe thats a way too
  • I'd say just increase the stamina of the manual dodge completely -- it should be used to reset position or change the distance strategically once in awhile, but not be a new "Poke" class where it supersedes class ability.
  • maybe double the stamina cost, but when its user gold links the jump into an attack or walks afterwards he gets half the stamina cost back.
  • I typically play Khalt and honestly I HAVE to manual dodge a lot just because I cant escape a high variety of attacks without it. Double-hits, Guard-Breaks, fast-spam, Heavy-hits (I'm not gonna just stand there and absorb a haymaker). The Absorb ability can't turn momentum unless its perfectly timed with a very fast attack, so when the opponents puts up a lot of pressure (especially with big and/or specialty attacks), I have to manual dodge out. And yes, some people are dicks and run circles all over the field but that's a separate issue; that issue is "some people are assholes"; but if we're talking about the manual dodge, I think its mostly fine with 1 major exception: the i-frame should be removed. Keep the stamina cost the same but remove the i-frames; problem solved.
  • then youre playing kahlt wrong.. kahlt is so rediculous right now its not even funny
  • Well, whats the RIGHT way to play Khalt?
  • You filthy virgins stop complaining the game fine you guys are just whining because you lose git gud and hop back on
  • Or just stop playing pvp?
  • What’s the version 1.19 update do kinda excited
  • Kaht really isn't the hardest to beat... try not throwing the same combo, I offset anyone trying to absorb with fast and heavies. When I play a goldlinker, I absorb everything because they use the same combo trying to rush down.
  • I think they need to make a actual no damage roll move that takes you 3 steps away just to piss off gold linkers and combo perfectionists....
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