Serious Issue With Heal In CTs

Healing between rounds causes a major issue where the player folded gets less Health after folding the player who healed between rounds. For example: Player A folds Payer B at 30% Health, then they heal twice and get back up to around 70% Health, Player B manages to fold player B, and Player B only heals however much they would when player A was at 30% Health. This is a major issue since if you don't run heal, you can be at a severe health disadvantage in a close fight if you get folded once.

To fix it, all you'd have to do is make Health gained based on damage dealt within the life, or just give us full heal when we fold the other player. Currently the Health you get is calculated based upon how much health your opponent had either right as you were folded, or as you spawn. Which causes this problem.

I don't want to run heal just to close this potential health disadvantage. Heal is already a very powerful ability in the right hands, and this issue makes it agonizing to play against when you don't run heal yourself.


  • I think the healing should be removed all together. It makes no sense.
  • all of the shard powers need looked at.. why is gravity one of the more useful and unabused powers have a long ass wind up yet EQ and SW are instant and are much more abused.. gravity is good for two things.. slowing down a fleeing opponent and stopping their heal buff
  • gravity is nice for another thing. cast it when ur opponent has to low stamina for an attack and will try to dodge or absorb. gravity is save this way and your opponents stamina is refilling muuuch slower.
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    Gravity and Exhaust have a similar function. Using both correctly can make you outlast the opponents stamina fairly easily if they are offensively focussed. Heal and Shockwave are probably the best for making you last as long as possible. EQ Heal is objectively better if your opponent doesn't have/use any jumping attacks. If I had to say Heal and EQ are probably too powerful as they are now due to their versatility.

    Either way, this post isn't about how to use powers or how unbalanced they are (i'll make a post about that later). It's just pointing out an issue with how CT healing functions with the heal ability to basically screw over anyone not running heal when the other person does.
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