New ideas for add of the depth to the game.

HI abslover creators !!! i really love ur game and ur unique gameplay of fight for which I waited for a long time.
It is a beautiful project and it is for it that it is necessary to continue to work above and to improve it, to polish up it, to lengthen the life expectancy of the game, make it more immersive and Know the story of this world.

Some ideas :

- An aggrandissement of the world with the addition of good about twenty ' locality ".
- new skins for the stony heaps
- Donjons with more or less secondary collections bound around an embroidered intrigue has to leave the basic scenario (why of the mask, or why fall of the peak of the country )
- Work the practicability of the decoration and the maps to make the game more " open world "
- Addition of a jump allowing a better practicability of the environments, and why not to add it in the mechanics of fights in the same way as the dodge (cost of endurance etc...)
- Addition of new new weapons bound has deck of fights: hammer, saï, Bo, nunchaku.
- Define armors by class of weight ( light/medium/heavy) .

I shall be very happy to be able to participate has this project, to help you . (game design, mapping, scenario, quests, design of weapons and armors . whatever were i can be usefull , i have a lot of time and i like game creation ( i work actually on a rpg projet )
thx for ur time !! pls answer me ;)


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  • Hey paonoir,

    We are happy to hear that you love the game and we are thankful for all your suggestions, though we can't promise implementation of all of them in the game.

    You can read about our plans here and here. Keep your eyes on the news to know more details about upcoming updates.

    So, maybe I'll repeat something from the above-mentioned links, but the best help for us is spreading the word about the game: sharing content around the game, talking to your friends, writing reviews, and bring in new Prospects to the world of Absolver! And for sure your feedback and suggestions are most welcomed!
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