A new way to use shards

It always bothered me that this cool essence is only used to cast simple spells and summon weapons sometimes. The bosses talk about how good you are at using the essence but using earthquake or shockwave doesnt require skill at all.

So here is my idea:
-replace one spell slot with a slot of a whole new category. This way players have to actually choose instead of using earthquake and heal 90%of the time
-the remaining slot becomes an attack ability that uses a bit of the shard load to alter an attack
-examples for attack abilities would be:
1.Bone of Stone:
Desc.: essence flows through your bones.
Let it become heavier than stone and your fist will sink into the enemie like a falling rock.
Effect.: -activatable at the beginning of an attack (like a feint)
-it slows down the current attack but the damage will increase slightly and the hitstun significantly.

2.:Pulse of Clouds
Desc.:essence vaporizes at the end of your attack
Effect:-activate anytime while attacking
-if the attack hit it will launch the opponent away a bit so the range of the next attacks matters quite a lot.

3.:Nature's Claim
Desc.:creates a vacuum of energy in the hitting body part that will pull out the essence of everything
Effect.:-activate with the beginning of the attack
-consumes a great amount of life
-when hitting the opponent (guard too) it drains a snall amount of life, stamina and essence .

4.:Dance of Tides
Desc.:your body follows tge flow if the essence
Effect.:-activate before an attack
-remains active for up to 3following attacks
-the next 3attacks speed up a bit for every
Attack you gold link
-as soon as one attack isnt gold linked or you get interrupted the effect ends

Ok thats it so far. Thanks for reading and Id like to hear any opinions on that suggestion^^


  • Sounds cool
  • Hi methamos,

    Cool idea! Thank you for detailing it. I'm passing it along to the Team. I'm sure they'll find it interesting too, though I need to remind you that we can't promise adding your suggestion to the game. Thank you for keeping posting your ideas and thoughts.
  • Ofc ^^ and thanks for reading
  • To everyone who reads this and likes the suggestion or not pls post at least something like
    #good or
    beneath it so sclp devs can see how you think about it
  • #good
    As Idea its great =)
    Its interesting, but we should look forward to aftermath of usage of this abilities.
    I mean maybe it will be OP or useless. For example =)
  • Ofc it needs to be balanced somehow^^
  • #good

    How about : your next 3 moves are charged ? :O
  • a cool idea but i think that would cost alot more shards ;)
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    wow, i really like the skills and their descriptions. Oll of that makes sence to me and doens't sound unrealistig or something, and the titles are really cool :D
  • It would be great, like the idea of being able to choose one magic and the other skill pushes you to attack. Sometimes the spells make the game less realistic and, depending on the player, annoying. Limiting their use from 1 to 2 and being able to use offensive abilities would be a good addition.
    #good :smiley:

  • #bad
    I like how the current setup is made, don't ruin it
  • yo i dont exspect everybody to like it, but that is what this vote is about so thanks for posting your opinion ^^
  • #Good
    I really like the idea, and it will keep the game-play from getting too bland, as well as giving people an edge in PvP combat. The concept would end up allowing them to recover from some kind of crushing combo that they wouldnt be able to do anything about normally, and give them an opportunity to strike back

    But how would this be incorporated in the marked ones combat? I feel like the marked ones and the bosses that have the abilities to use powers should be able to do the same thing so as to keep the combat-flow interesting, though i do believe it would be difficult to effectively incorporate this into the AI. Maybe it could be something gained from beating the game and becoming an Absolver? Just some random thoughts i had.

    Oh, and to add onto your idea, i feel like there should be weapon-specific skills/powers that have to do with shards, like say-

    (for the oratian chokuto and all derivative sword models)
    [insert clever name here, cause i have none]

    Desc:You crouch down, essence flowing through your blade, and you let loose a quick burst of speed as the tension of the shards release from your soles and, upon impact, your blade.
    If you would activate it directly after a successful attack, you would bring the blade to your waist facing back and dodge backwards, then dash forward and slice
    Effect: Activate similarly to a power
    -dashes forward, allowing you to close the distance on your opponent and slash at them
    -Upon hit, drains 10% of your opponents stamina, and guarantees a single fast attack, allowing you to chain a combo from it.
    -If a player were to guard with a weapon, the weapon would break instantly.
    -if a player were to plain guard the attack, it would consume it would slow stamina regeneration for a small period.
    It also consumes a great deal of the users stamina, so use it with caution. If you were to miss the attack, it would only use two shards. A successful strike would use three shards.

    I am not entirely sure what i would do for the other weapons, though i do have some concepts in mind. And while yes, that one i stated would be OP i believe, i was merely letting my imagination run wild.
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    oh y weapon specific skills are cool too. you could have an automatic switch, so you have a skill for fist combat that changes into the weapon skill once you draw it.
    Although drawing the weapon mid-combo for extra shards would be pretty neat.

    and ofc id love npcs that you can learn these abilities from but it would probably be easier to give it to us once you become absolver.
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