Nunchucks, and the ability to grapple and throw your opponent

I think the combat ability to throw you opponent will add a bit of caution and a way for anyone to get out of a jam. It also adds more of an organic feel to fighting.


  • Interesting. Maybe they could have a wretling inspired fight stance with a set of grappling moves. That would be pretty cool.
  • Judo or ju jitsu implores a lot of grappling and throws.
  • I would like to see more styles of martial arts employed in the game, Judo throws, aikido pushes and avoids, Kempo counters, etc.
  • I don't know if grappling would be good, seems like it would take a lot of work to implement it without making it op to break combos or worthless. I dunno though, I'd like to be proven wrong. I totally agree on some more styles, that would be awesome! Would love to see some Shaolin, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, and maybe the Five Animals style too.
  • horrible many cliff's I could see impatient player's just simply throw someone off to win a quick fight and you know it'd happen
  • It would maybe not be a great idea as a set of moves, As Krakens_Law says I am already scare of the ledges as it is now. However I can it as a special move for a style, where as the dodge or block by pressing the right direction you could stop an attack and moves a bit the opponent and/or the player, changing stances and position.
  • I finally got to do some pvp tonight and every single time there was a ledge, the other person tried to bait me there, a grapple system would make that so much worse
  • I'm not sure about the grappling. I don't know how well it would fit with the flow of the game. I am 100% supportive of nunchucks though.
  • I wouldn't mind grappling, I do think however it would be a more low damage set off attacks that are primarily used for making distance. I like the idea of building a class more like a brawler than ninja.

    I am indifferent to nunchucks though, the weapons are cool and all but I am more interested in seeing more styles and moves in the game than anything else. Not to say I will knock back any content adding weapons I am excited to see the game develop in anyway it does.
  • They could just add another alternative category for decks. But this one only active shortly after an evade/parry/dodge, that would work just like a move. So you'd grapple but the combat would play out as is with moves. Sorta like they do with parry in the decks or high/low avoiding moves, but it grapples instead. Make any grapple sap stamina of opponent.

    This would be easy to implement. Would be as balanced as moves are now. More of a makeup, than true grapple system. I don't think a full blown UFC grapple system would work out. If they did, it'd be worthy of an expansion or DLC to me.
  • Yeah that seems like it would be cool. But I am not referring to a full grapples just the ability to throw an opponent would be nice to have.
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    Right stick for easy grabs. The devs made parry moves; they can make grappling. =D
  • Grappling. The single mechanic that Ruined For Honor.

    No thanks.
  • Didn't play for honor passed the beta. But there are fighting styles that use grappling so that why I think it would be cool. But not just a cheesy grappling system.
  • Lucha!!!

    Right stick for easy grabs. The devs made parry moves; they can make grappling. =D

    And Tai Chi... pls

  • Throws should be included but not an entire system. Like someone said maybe map them to the right sick just like the stance abilities or include a stance with the ability to throw their opponent.
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    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for the feedback! You've given some pretty cool ideas :) I can't promise that they'll be implemented, but I'll make sure to share it with the team.
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    No throws, dont think it suits the games flow. Nunchaku Though, yes please.
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