Stop resetting my fights!!

This has happened to me to many times now. I'm fighting a masked one and it's going ok. Then some one "enters the area" and his health pool fills up. I have even had normal guys just go away and then two more spawn behind me. I think I even lose the progress towards learning the moves I was working on in that case.
I tried to fix it my self by changing my online option to invitation only. Just found out though that when I enter a new zone it outs me back to encounters. I feel like both of these are problems that really grinds my nerves down.


  • Yes. This ^^^

    Keeps happening to me to and I haaaaaate it.

    Hey nabay, maybe post this in the bug report forum? I don't think the game is supposed to work like that, at least, god, I hope it isn't. If that reset b.s. is intended then that is a deal-breaker.
  • I was thinking about it. Good idea. Maybe they can let us know.
  • Once, I made a ton of progress on moves, but the NPC got a good combo going on me and I had to back up. The dodge kicked me out of their agro-range and reset all the move XP I'd earned. Out of frustration, I just went in and pounded on the NPC until it was dead and end up with... nothing. No move XP earned whatsoever. That is crap.
  • Yeah that's kinda crappy.
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