Anime for absolver

Hey I would like to create anime for absolver looking for a team of people interested in creating it with me


  • Still working on that anime for absolver
  • It would be interesting =)
  • y i like the idea too :smile:
  • Please keep us updated i wanna see!
  • It would definitely help the game grow more people have jokingly made some videos and a few anime opening inspired ones but it all would most likley work out well
  • It'll help with understanding the story & the Absolver world I hope some can make it happen
  • Having a fan-made "lore" through an anime short would be great. Better yet, by creatively mixing in advice and tips that you'd normally never get would help a lot of new people not only get into the game more but prevent issues like not knowing about soft caps or the benefits of schools.
  • i cant draw for sh*t but i watch a lot of anime i dunno how thats meant to help but damn ill find a way message me through steam its the same as my username here my discord is Jreanax#5185 aswell. of course now everyone can see this please dont abuse me....
  • Can do what moonlit butterfly did with the dark souls series take game footage and some neat camera tricks to make a movie at least
  • Sounds like a great idea. Maybe try reaching out to the devs and see if they're ok with it too so they can give it a mention here and there. Hope you or someone you know can draw well. You'll be animating a ton of action sequences!
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