Calling all stagger fighters!

Figured we should start a stagger discussion, share gripes, experiences, tips and tricks, etc.

I'll start by saying that with the new update, I've found a higher level of success by dragging fights out longer, picking an opponent apart a little at a time and racking up shards. This was a general philosophy of mine pre-update, but with new changes there's such a thin margin of error when using stagger that it seems imperative now to play defensively until you find an opening to string a combo together.

Anyone else have anything to add?


  • Sorry to jump in on your staggerfest (lol) but I just wanted to add my two cents.

    Kudos to you for trying to rely on a tactical approach to battles rather than just spamming fast attacks and trying to squeeze a win out at any cost. I've been 100% dedicated to Windfall and have stuck with it through thick and thin.

    With saying that, I have noticed that I am getting much more competitive fights with many of the stagger users. It brings a smile to my face because I initially came to this game BECAUSE of the stagger/drunken style. My in game characters name is ShunWong; a homage to my mains Shun Di of Virtual Fighter and Brad Wong of Dead or Alive. It just took me so long to acquire the Stagger style in game that I just fell in love and kept Windfall.

    Anyways, carry on and I look forward to the strategical battles with you drunken fools!!
  • As a windfall/stagger fighter, i have soooo much fun with my stagger deck now, im more inclined to play my stagger deck more often and even open a stagger school just to help the stagger win ratios.
    First off you drunken goons, stop approaching the stagger stance like windfall! I agree fighting strategically is most important with stagger!
    I cant stress that enough,
    But i find an offense stagger is also a great strategy:;)
    For example my top left three hit chain is hook, the sidestep strike (forgot name) followed by that backwards double fist swing move (cant remember the name either lol)
    Anyway, using those three attacks as an example of aggressive stagger would be ...
    Hook-stagger evade left-sidestep strike (evades rightduring attack)
    -stagger evade right-stagger evade forward-backwards double fist-alternative.

    Now gold link all of that!
    If it was confusing to read here just imagine your enemys confusion when he trys keeping up with your crazy movements!
    Look at the stance ability as another evasive attack instead of just a defensive property and now you have an equal defense and offensive drunken fool :)
    Fold well my friends!
  • I feel like alot of people dont know they can gold link the stagger stance ability, hmm idk maybe, maybe not lol
  • No you're right, it took a long time before I figured out you can gold link off that little shove he gives. That's a game changer, I think every drunky should have that in their arsenal, I use it extensively. I just hate when I get overzealous with it and wiff with the defensive shove then wiff with the jab before thinking of blocking, and catch one to the face instead lol
  • Haha yea im pretty guilty of literally spinning circles around asshole players lol
    But i usually try to fight as fair as possible till someone crosses a line or just annoys me to death with repetitive gameplay.
    Its a pretty amazing way to express your irritation lol
  • Stagger is my favorite style to fight against I love the little counter moves specially when I'm in the middle of a combo.
  • Truthfully i made a 100% windfall deck and with all the palm gaurd break moves snuck in there and it annihilates kalt style but i stand no chance against stagger style for some reason lol just like my stagger style does super well against most styles but kalt (absorb is bullshit)
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