Top 5 Tips For Absolver Launch [ Beginners Guide ]

What's up ladies and gents, Zulo here bringing you my top 5 Absolver launch tips
as these will help you better progress through the game!
I hope everyone enjoys!


  • nice guide :)
  • ShyOn92 said:

    nice guide :)

    thanks :D
  • A good tip would be plz fix servers or tell me whatvi doing wrong
  • edited August 2017
    @krookone Just be calm and let the problem get fixed. For now play offline and hone your skills young prospect. Thanks for the tips Zulo, nice video.
  • Im.honed in my friend I need to play some real people I'm wrecking the AI
  • Lol I still can't get online:(
  • Good one
  • How to get stagger style or drunken boxing style

  • Great guide, mate!

    As to Weight Slowing you down, I wonder if this is confirmed. My impression is that it doesn't actually affect your speed, but only the speed of your stamina regen, as well as the damage of some of the attacks.

    I just uploaded a guide on Khalt, in case anyone is interested.
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