you know after spending time with this patch..

ok so ive had 2 and a half days to play this and get acclimated to the stuff..
this is broken.. kahlt can absorb everything except guard break, and slower double hits that would be countered if you tried to use them. This is an unfair advantage with the freeze frames and its making it to where im just leaving games if i smell kahlt this needs to be fixed asap how can you guys not see that this is broken and that you actually called this a nerf to kahlt


  • Hello R3kk3N,

    We're sorry to hear you're not enjoying this latest update's changes to Kahlt, specifically the absorb ability. That being said, we truly appreciate your feedback and will definitely keep it in mind when working on future updates.

    Please feel free to share any other feedback you may have on this latest update or the game in general.
  • no im kinda sorry you guys did no internal testing.. obviously you think this is fine but its really not fine.. you have one class that silly op now and you still have one that doesnt work.. here was an idea fix the broken one leave the rest alone?
  • I'd say that the best thing to do with a patch that changes core fundamental mechanics would be to beta it and get player feedback before going ahead with the patch. I know that Elder Scrolls Online does this, not sure about other MMO's, but I'm assuming there's a similar process. This is seriously a different game, now, because of the changes, and it's not a better one. The same OP moves are still in place, and now everyone is switching to khalt, which is the easiest class to use, and abuse, and this current meta.

    Everyone says forsaken is op, but it actually takes awhile to get good at forsaken, and a lot of moves that appear to come from one side are coming from the other -- there's a time investment to get good at it, and heavy punishment if you get the direction or the timing wrong. With khalt, there's little risk. Guard breaks are telegraphed to the extreme, and now all other attacks phase through them as they sit there, spam absorb, and laugh at you, soaking up shards and damage with little effort. Yeah, it's broken :)
  • Yea. What they said...
  • maybe khalt is op in beginners and mid lvl fights, but in the highest lvl players, khalt isnt op our even strong compare to windfall and forsaken.(PS4)
    i will try to explain since i played more then one style... khalt get destroy by against GB, double hits our slower moves if they are weak khalts and try to allways absorb after they stop attacking, and only not advance players fall for that.
    Khalt is the only class that cannot stop gb and double hits(most of the time) whit is special, they loose hp and its not sooo easy to absorb and hit back when u are fighting a guy that just spam the fastest atts in the game..... Our punish is a quick and weak att IF we can absorb and hit the counter att and now in 1:14 patch we dont regen mutch stamina on absorb.... mean while for example windfall and forsaken as massive punishement after a dodge our parry ( if u know what you are doing) forsaken a little better at punish whit sidekick after parry and all the atts after parry have plus 100 damg so sidekick is 200 and something.... windfall now recover a amazing amount of stamina and if u fight a top tier wind fall he will dodge almost every att and have big punishement whit infinit stamina regen even if u feint alot.
    To finish this i think khalt is strong in beginners match and a little less in mid-hight skill players but if u consider the top tier players in this game khalt as it is right now its weaker then windfall and forsaken.
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