ok so kahlt got buffed...

alright a few days with the new changes here is some insight.

1. freeze frames is indeed op in the right hands you will never be able to get a hit in unless youre using a double move
2. windfall buff is non existent still... its hit or miss if your slow will ever proc the +5 stamina regen is not enough to warrant calling it a buff.
3. new moves and new way of gold linking.. well im on the fence here.. I like the move changes somewhat.. and gold linking is still there it just feels different
4. all in all i will say the move changes were needed the kahlt buff was not needed or atleast not to the extreme that it has become.. windfall is now the whipping boy class of the game it was stagger but stagger seems to have improved alot.

A windfall suggestion, perhaps instead of a slow on a successful evade there is a speed boost and stamina reduction to moves for a specific time that stacks.. there are still lightning fast attacks out there (ahem jab hook combo) and if you manage to duck those you should be rewarded.. the current way it is now the slow.. well.. it doesnt always work you get shard confirm you hear the sound but you do not get the slow and usually ends up being the reason you get pummeled to hell and back before too long.. anyway something has to give for the windfall class kahlt class has become the flavor of the month now.. 6 out of 10 people are fighting me with kahlts now and folks that i could normally before the patch give a fight to i can no longer compete with unless i revert to scurvy tactics and even then i still lose lol.


  • The Khalt so called "nerf" was a buff smh. That stupid frame freeze is part of the reason Forsaken was so OP. Meanwhile, in Windfall land, the avoid is so broken that it is just stupid. I can't understand how the whole mechanic fails to slowdown or even work most of the time. It has been occurring over and over. It is EXTREMELY frustrating. Why is avoid the ONLY style that the mechanic just won't work?? It can't be that hard to figure out why it keeps occurring. Growing wary of this game atm.
  • The khalt freeze was needed against spammer fast atts, before u needed to use the fastest atts in the game in ur first moves, finally now changed since windfall is getting really op and stagger.
    Still haven't played against a top tier forsaken so I don't know whit the chances how it is.
    Important note is that I'm talking about top tier players not mid, if u fight hokagae windfall our bx forsaken u will see that khalt isn't op at all its even a little weak when ur oponente knows ur deck.
    Good game to you all
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    stay calm R3kk3N all people here are supporting the game. There is no need be disparaging:
    Anybody should say how his opinion is and ofending someone only leads to him getting quiet or leaving the game.

    I had about a dozen confrontations with top tier players of rank 1200 and beyond and i have to say khalt
    players were among the strongest. There wasnt really much i could do except for using charge and double moves
    or parrieng their heavy attacks. If they leave khalt like that we need a whole bunch of good armor breaking moves.

    But making windfall balanced should have priority i think.
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