Are servers down?

Can't connect I'm guessing do to traffic!
NA Ps4


  • Same I can't connect at all
  • The server has to be down I haven't been able to connect since launch it's been three hours and there's forums all over the internet saying they cant connect either kinda sucks but I played offline some was still fun but the whole point I thought was for online so it would be sweet if u guys could get the servers running plz
  • I wasn't able to connect at all yesterday, haven't been able to try yet today though. Anybody have any luck?
  • Servers have been down for me since noon yesterday, I live in southern California... I'm in U.S..why is this happening?
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    Servers just went offline for me. I'm assuming there's maintenance going on or maybe they're just switching which regions can log in. IDK what's going on with the dev's or the server stability. Not a whole lot being answered. Now that I figured out you have to physical change to offline mode I can finally farm moves in peace.

    EDIT - NA PC
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