Spoon Slash & Wrist Roll Slash

Does anyone know were I can learn Spoon Slash & Wrist Roll Slash? Would anyone be willing to teach me those two sword moves? Thanks :blush: :heart:


  • spoon slash may be in the essence mines or birdcaller's outpost. Wrist Roll Slash, I don't even have a vague memory of where I learned it.

    I know both though, So if you don't find them soon and you're on PSN, look me up: SkunQiBuhdz.
  • Thank you for your help! My friends helped me find the NPC that drops Spoon Slash & Wrist Roll Slash. The "Tear Chief" in Central Harbor (that drops the Warlord Armor) had those two sword moves. If the offer still stands, I am always looking for new players to play PVP with. Add me: heighthuntress.
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