Who is this game for???

I'll be brief-ish. The developers claim the game is borne from their love of Martial Arts but c'mon; Donkey Slap, Jar Bash; you could show this crap to a 9 year old and they'd call it unrealistic; where's the Jar guys? If you're gonna throw realism out the window, you might as well give us bicycle kicks and hadoukens Supposedly they practice martial arts and Drunken Style is a "viable martial art" but really...have they pulled a "spinning flute" out during a sparring session? This game glorifies the martial arts of a kindergarten schoolyard, might as well introduce the "I'm rubber and you're glue" style. And GRAB PUNCH, jeez, nerf that crap already; literally everybody uses that BS move. I mean, what is it anyways? A spinning face-mask? The charge, the speed, the mid? Define; Over-Powered! We know you're obsessed with Jackie Chan but a crappy 1980s Kung Fu movie didn't accidentally create the most effective Martial Art in History; and yet you've skewed the entire balance of your game to a style that's entirely make-believe; I can practically hear the developers screaming "nuh-uh! It's TOTALLY real you guys". And what's with these new emotes!? The 4 most expensive emotes are: "Poor Thing", "Just Go", "Face Palm" and "Laugh".... all shitty, rude ass things to use! I'll straight-up quit on anybody who uses ANY of those emotes during a fight; what the hell are we trying to accomplish with this crap? Was somebody at Sloclap thinking - "How can I be a bigger douche during my match. I mean, I really want to shame this person into quitting forever". Or worse, is this what they thought WE wanted? Was literally LAUGHING at new players their tactic to re-populate Adal? They think we're all a bunch of assholes looking for new, ingeniously sassy ways to mock each other? No, obviously not; which leads me to re-iterate, WHO IS THIS GAME FOR?


  • you know...if you wanted realism you could just go and learn martial arts in real life. Or buy a ufc fighting game or anything like that out there. Honestly I enjoy the style of the game and the spinning flute is pretty good as long as their not the spam attackers. Quite a few players learn to try to doge or parry after every single hit and never stop so the move is really really good vs them. And to be honest this style of game is quite rare and the idea of it switching over to the million dime of a dozen games out there really turns me off personally. As for realism...you realize one of the main themes is called folding....pulling weapons and yourself out of time and space etc. ITS NOT REAL. As for grab punch there are a ton of players that almost always dodge making it very...unwise to use this move to much.
  • UNBLOCKS, I agree with you 100% :) I love fighting people that have realistic decks, but they are few and far between. Most of the time I'm forced to block because people slot moves that are too fast to interrupt or all low attacks, which prevents good exchanges. The WWDP and grab and punch is quite ridiculous. Falling to the ground and sweeping one way, then another, and then spinning around like a top is not physically possible.
    Jeantall said:

    As for realism...you realize one of the main themes is called folding....pulling weapons and yourself out of time and space etc. ITS NOT REAL. As for grab punch there are a ton of players that almost always dodge making it very...unwise to use this move to much.

    I understand this argument, but introducing a fantasy element doesn't remove physical reality from other aspects of the game. Everything that breaks the rules of normal physics is part of lore, but the "donkey-slap" and "whirlwind double punch" has no functional base for power. I think for people that practice martial arts this game is sort of satisfying because it allows you to put together a deck that can simulate real techniques and combos, but being beaten with non-functional moves is irritating, because it breaks immersion. Folding a sword out of time and space is fantasy -- that's fine. WWDP, without a rocket attached to one's back to make that spin have power, is ridiculous -- and there's a difference, there, IMO.

  • To clarify -- the moves that are too fast to block are all stagger, like leaning backwards 90 degrees and hitting someone with the back of your hands being a double hit. In reality, it would break someone's spine to try to do that. And there are a lot of moves that are just not functionally powerful, or realistic in any way, where if you put pressure on someone with said move it would harm the attacker more than their opponent.
  • 90 percent of stagger come form the same direction and can easily be parried dodged etc. I do agree some move are far to spam able but honestly I really don't find the drunken style of moves to give me all that much trouble. I do find it strange with so many games with so much realism that you would go to one of the few games that captures the fantasy of martial arts rather then the realism and then complain about it. Everyone has seen scenes of people running on water, fists that break boulders or break blades. I honestly think this game caters more to that style and its one of the few to do so. With so many out there that have "realism" It be a waste to complain about the few that don't and are not meant to. I won't argue about balance to much because we all have our preferences for what is fun and what is not. I think the same can be said about what it is that immerses us into a game but I do think with so few games out there that plays to the fantasy of it rather then the realism that we should just enjoy it.
  • Who is this game for? It's for people who understand how, or want to understand how, to lower their ego. The game IS borne from a love of martial arts, but that doesn't mean that they intended for it to be a fight simulation. If it were a fight simulation the game would primarily focus on BJJ with a few simple strikes. So basically what you want is UFC Championship. Which is fine, I loved the earlier versions of those games. Not sure what they look like now though. But that sounds like the game you want. Or Fight Night. Fight Night is a fantastic series of games. Those two games are what I came from as far as fighting games. But to complain that Absolver isn't a fight simulation is just that you had the wrong understanding about this game. It's your fault mainly.

    Could Grab Punch use some balancing? Possibly. But mostly what I'm reading here is someone who is getting their ass kicked repeatedly in Combat Trials and refuses to 1) Humble themselves, 2) Adapt, and 3) Learn to overcome

    Emotes are fun. Stop being a damn baby.
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