Hacker caught on video

So, this happened. I've heard about the one-hit kill hack, but had yet to see it for myself... until tonight. Skip to 1:25 for the relevant footage. I uploaded the entire fight to show that, for some reason, the player let me kill them without fighting back in the first two rounds. Could this be related to the hack? Or do hackers seriously think that they're going to get sympathy for letting us earn two match points before cheating their way to victory immediately afterwards?

On a side note, is anybody else surprised that the player's username ('assjuice' - and no, I'm not joking) is allowed on PSN? I am, to be honest.


  • Hi Irish,

    We're sorry to hear you've run into this sort of thing and apologize for any frustration it may have caused.

    I've passed along your report for further review. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention, we truly appreciate you feedback and continued support.
  • Cheers, guys. It's good to have a game company who cares about their players!
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