Who else loves this game?!

Okay... Ive waited a while to do this but i think after enough hours into absolver (still havent found the calbot)
I can honestly say im completely addicted,
BUT... After all this time i realize im addicted to the pve, and clearly have been since day one lol i enjoy pvp just as much as the next guy who loves being sweep kicked to death by some tool lookin to win vs what the game is all about and that is the art of combat, reading your opponent's moves and acting precisely, swiftly executing them with style.
Anybody can spam a jab, hook two piece or a flurry of power strikes that absorb a single strike. To be a true absolver one must deal with these annoyances, i have rage quit sooooo many times but i keep coming back no matter what.
I wanna build a new deck or alter an old one an go fight jinn again and again and again haha
Bottom line is this;
i fuckin love this game as if it were a close friend....who unknowingly teaches me kung fu through the bleeding effect lol
I really hope theres others out there who will continue whoopin ass in adal with me.
And to sloclap and devolver and everyone who help make this title: bravo.


  • Oh and i play on ps4 hmu
  • Not sure how it is on PS4.

    But on PC. It's rough, and it looks dire.

    I do too love this game, but from my love I see it's problems.

    It's been a bunch of unfortunate events that led to this game's population going down to 50 players on steam.
    The horrible launch due to no stress test via Open Beta. (Server being unstable for a week, killing a massive amount of the traffic gained from the Streamer Promotion)
    Infinite Loading Screens have been around since release. You might as well play something else when it happens instead of constantly restarting the game (most people's methods to getting past it).
    When you don't get those, you get the same decks that use Roll Back Fist(Or Similar), Grab Punch. (The boring Meta that has happened)

    So currently the players and the game itself are killing the game on PC.

    I hope for a resurgence, but it came out I would consider unfinished (in a gameplay loop sense) on top of all these technical and balance problems.
  • I still enjoy and if you like I can teach you the missing move~ But yeah I been leveling new characters for each of the four styles just so I can try new tricks and have fun. Feel free to look me up as Jeantall06 if you want some friendly matchs or the like.
  • Yeah, I guess I'm hooked too. Every few days I'll get annoyed and swear it off... but then I'm back on the next day. It's a hard game to quit. I don't even mind the die-hards; sometimes I'll get my ass kicked with standard attacks so expertly that I'm genuinely impressed; getting destroyed can be its own fun show with the right mentality. I used to get infuriated by Stagger nonsense (like the moves you've mentioned and literally every other Stagger move) but I've learned to just quit. There's no shame in walking away from a boring fight. I'm also really enjoying what Jeantall mentioned; making new characters and playing with new styles continues to be a lot of fun. And... though its silly, I still really enjoy hoarding items; something about collecting all the stuff is weirdly gratifying.
  • At first I was really excited about this game but that has died down now. I still enjoy it and play a few rounds every day, I like duel games like absolver but there are just so many 1vs1 fights you can do in a row.

    I also tried to make a new character but I dropped him after 40 minutes because I didnt want to farm every move again and like UNCBLOCKS I am a little hoarder, so I prefer to play with a single character.

    The fashion in this game is also a big plus for me, I have spent hundreds of hours in dark souls 2 just to get every armorset to mix parts up and 9 different equipment slots are a lot more interesting than 4.

    I play the PC version aswell and while it is somewhat lonely during the day, the evening isnt so bad, i rarely have to wait more than 20-30 seconds per match even with just over 100 people online. I guess that is the perk of not having much else to do but 1vs1.
  • I also came this conclusion.
    I only realized it, when I was watching "Dragon Blade" by Jackie Chan and John Cusack. Almost every one of their fighting moves reminded me of an attack on Absolver. It was uncanny.
  • Well from one absolver to the next i hope you guys ride it out with me, its always darkest before dawn and keep in mind the fold. Things will get better i know it, hell look at a game like warframe; whether a fan or not that game has been around for years and has built a fellowship of fans by listening and evolving their game. Absolver built a fellowship before release and some of us are still here.
    Truthfully i think a nice reward from the devs to the die hard players who have consistantly stuck around would be pretty cool, like a super unique one of a kind piece of gear or somthing that people could see and say "oh shit that guy is an o.g."
    Im sticking around to see what becomes of absolver, good or bad i will forever be a huge fan of this game. If i become the last person playing it someday, it wont surprise me at all lol
  • HI, Ive played several hours on 2 different days, so yeah, i am a total noob, lol. but I love PVP. I have played many MMORPGs, like WoW, Rift, Tera, ArcheAge, etc. i have not played this type of combat before where you have to anticipate what your opponent is going to do, specially at the speed of the game, but I am loving it, its really a challenge and i love when games depend both on knowledge and skill.
    I've been looking for a game that is based on knowledge and skill with a dynamic fluid combat system, and boy, does this game delivers, lol. And that is saying a lot, because i have been looking for years and that is no exaggeration.
  • Yea man, just gotta fight through some spamming shit players. And honestly ive recently discovered deck possibility's that counter all the spamming meta decks,
    Theoretically you can strategically construct each deck with enemies in mind, i even built a deck that is great in crowds cause in the early days on ps4 i would play off line and get ganked by 8 or 9 lost prospects at a time haha im glad i saved it cause its gonna come in handy for 3v3
  • Whats good Sly we dueled a few times if you dont remember and i too love this game with a passion i am here for the skilled players and not the spammers lol
  • I do, me, I love this game.
  • I love this game. I've been playing since day one and I will continue to play and support it until the servers shut down and I am playing offline by myself. There seem to be a lot of haters out there, but I still think this is the best game I've played in years. Keep it up SloClap, you guys are awesome!
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    Blion said:

    I do, me, I love this game.

    Thank you for such kind words!
  • Echo said:

    I love this game. I've been playing since day one and I will continue to play and support it until the servers shut down and I am playing offline by myself. There seem to be a lot of haters out there, but I still think this is the best game I've played in years. Keep it up SloClap, you guys are awesome!

    We were glad to read this! Have a wonderful time!
  • I've had my eye on it for a while and at first a few things put me off then I decided I would give it a go if it ever went back on sale, it did and here I am. My new favourite game, for now....
  • Seems like a skipped the time in wich Absolver had the biggest problems x) . Even though i have many ideas how to improve this game, i didnt have that much fun playing pc and looking at a wonderfull artstyle for a while and i hope the community will grow to support the developers so they can continue working on this awesome game.
  • Im glad i asked who loves this game, cause i still do.
    Im constantly turning down other games to play and at this point i think an absolver tattoo is in my future hehe
  • I love this game too, even with its problems =)
  • The PS4 version is great I'm late but alot more people have it on PS4 & besides some lag here & there I believe absolver plays pretty great
  • Glad to have you tenzo, pretty sure we have fought several times if im not mistaken
  • DonnieH2Kk is my Psn !
  • Awesome you out there some day lol
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    Been putting in some hours into this game since I bought it last week, it’s really good a lot of potential, can’t wait till a DLC or something comes out. Only negative I have with this game like everyone else is the spammers but once in awhile you come across someone that made their own style deck other than that this is a hidden gem, consider me a fan! PSN Bushido_J_Fury
  • This game is absolutely incredible even though I only played for a few hours, the graphics are suiting for the game, combat is incredible, and it is just an incredible game. Honestly, if I had to choose between a free pizza every week or a copy of this, I would choose the game any day everyday. I die quite a bit though I feel I learn from it, and then I try and put that learning to use. 10/10 I would recommend it to anybody of any age.
    If anybody wants to join me in this wonderful game my PSN is Shreddurrst and my IGN for Absolver is Ithroman.
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