Fighting style!!

Hey guys!
i know it's a bit to early but i really want to know how you Absolvers play your character!!

Myself i play very passive if i have a aggressive opponent to fight/ a good player to fight against. I evade and just stay calm and keep my distance to prepare a combo! (as a windfall character.) Now tell me fellow Absolvers! How do you play against an opponent! share so the new people know how to counter/deal with the pressure!


  • Like you say, very early (10 hours in).

    I've set my self up very light and very fast (28) and combined that with Windfall to be a very agile character. Baiting and punishing my enemies for relentless aggression. E.g. Soaking a flurry of attacks into my guard then avoiding to take advantage of their drained stamina.

    The thing about dancing around in pajama pants and a long sleeve shirt though... You really can't let yourself get hit.
  • Heh yep, I'm pretty much with you Nathanael. Fast, aggressive Windfall
  • I just spam buttons cause its impossible for me to react to anything due to the lag
  • I play Stagger Style (started with Kahlt) at the moment. I like to have a balance between Speed and Power. I don't like to be too agressive, mostly because of lots of players tend to have faster moves so I like to play a little slower and control the pace of a fight from a distance.

    Just unlocked a new deck though so I may experiment with an all Power deck.
  • I started with Windfall, got a bit too horny with powerful attacks, started to miss speed on my deck... then finally adjusted it for more speed and range... and also had it more in line with Dex and Mobility, which is befiting of my light armor.

    Then, I made a Khalt and feel in love. I describe how I play in a guide I made. I think it's the only one in youtube for now, for Khalt. Absorb is such an intricate and tactcial ability!
  • I play a Windfall speed character right now but I try to adapt to the situation instead of going for I've play style.
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