Game is dead?

Does anybody still play?? i just see 200 peoples playing atm on steamcharts.. =/ what happened?


  • For me, it is a lack of content. I love what the game has, and I had a brief spurt of interest again when the new Halloween masks came out, but really I would like to see progression made possible through PvE or at least some new challenges brought in.

    There are only so many PvP fights you can do before it gets same-y. I love running around the maps and beating up folks though. If the game were a bit bigger and had more motivation for playing PvE, I would still be playing it today, for sure.
  • I really enjoy the PVP but i think your right bulking out the PVE is a must the world is a real treat to run though but there needs to be something more to flesh it out and keep players interested
  • I think they just need to get more social aspects into the game. There are people walking around the world and people doing arena, but after a while it feels like you are playing by yourself.
  • The world is really beautiful to look at. I can't help but think doubling down on the 1-on-1 was a mistake. I prefer running around and inviting someone to duel. It seems more in keeping with the lore too.
  • ^^ Agreed ^^
    Way more fun to pvp in the open world.
    More pve content would be grand.
    Its a bit too serious in Combat Trials...
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    I agree about this -- learning the moves and exploring the world was a lot of fun, but the incentive to explore is gone once you've reached max level and have enough moves for PVP. I think this is something of a missed opportunity, as there's a lot of cool things they could do for PVE missions in Adal.

    For example, there are factions in the game already -- why not allow people to join different sides? Or, what about a kung fu tournament held in one of the cities, that was an instance where 6-12 people could jump in, creating an in-game mini-tournament, and then allow people to spectate? What about a kung fu gauntlet, with a prize at the end? More story, with player agency as a personal end-game, which could play into factions?
  • You could use schools instead of factions. Might give a reason to actually be in one. I bought the game on GOG and couldn't join schools. By the time I could join I'd learned a lot of the moves and there was no incentive to stay beyond getting the style.
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