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I don't really understand them myself so i was wondering is somebody could explain to me what the four stats mean when they are displayed to the right of the move you are highlighting when you are editing your combat deck, I understand that the arm means strength, the person running means how quickly the moved the move is used but I dont understand the other two ,thank you in advance.



  • This is my guess.
    The top one is weapon, it only shows up when you have weapon equipped and it has a sword icon on it.
    The second one is Strength, with increase the potential of the move equivalent to your strength.
    Third one is Dex, same thing like Strength.
    Last one is mobility.
  • Those stats represent how the move's damage scales with specific stats. Moves can be ranked from E to S. Higher ranking means that the influence of the related stat will be more significant and vice versa. Some moves scale from several stats and some do not scale at all.

    First is weapon scaling which only appears on weapon related techniques and shows how much extra damage will you get from a better sword.
    Second is strength scaling. Pretty straight forward, it represents move's scaling from your strength stat. More strength - bigger numbers.
    Third is dexterity scaling. Same stuff as strength.
    Fourth is mobility scaling. Some moves will have more damage if you have higher mobility. From my experience it does not affect the actual speed of the animation.

    Hope this helps :P
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