G'day Everyone!

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Hey all,

I literally had not heard of this until game today, and I'm already stoked... I'm a huge Blade and Soul Fan, and I love open world / fluid combat systems... I've been running the Imp-Gamerz (Steam based as of a few years ago) Community for the past 17 years, and if anyone would like to pick up a veteran (old fogey) gamer... I'd be glad to fight by your side.



  • Quick Followup: My Character Name is Sassassyn if anyone wants to join up. ;)
  • I've played about 4 hours this morning. Let's just say it was difficult to go to work. Whats your platform Syrrius? I'm on PS4 L3thaface15
  • I'm on PC, it's cross platform correct?
  • Hello Everyone..I´m a huge Soulsfan and now there is Absolver and i love it.. I´m on Ps4 Horracle_Horrible and maybe there are someone to train.
  • Let me know if either of you would like to team up! :smiley:
  • Whats good Syrrius, I remember watching your matches in BnS tourneys, Add me if you like to sparr in Absolver, I think we can learn from each other.

    Steam: ÐΔNΣ
    IGN: Ouji
  • That would be great! :)
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