Can you fix infinite loadings?

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Sometimes when I try to fight 1v1 game stuck in loading screen.
Can you please add something to cancel connection or make it so it cancel it automaticaly if it didn't connect in 10 seconds?

Seriously restart the game every time is stupid.


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  • Hi,

    We're sorry to hear you've run into a technical issue and apologize for any frustration it may have caused. Any further details you can provide us regarding this issue would be very helpful in reviewing this further. Anything unusual happening prior to this bug? Does it only seem to happen when attempting 1v1 or is it any loading screen? Any details you can provide are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your feedback and suggestions, we will keep them in mind when working on any future updates!
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    I'll try, but this bug is unpredictable...

    Does it only seem to happen when attempting 1v1 or is it any loading screen?

    Only in 1v1 pvp.

    I just run usual 1v1 pvp and sometimes it just stuck in loading screen.
    Usually it happends at night when apparently not so many players online, may be this is the case.
    Sometimes I see a text " *some player* has started the challendge" (or whatever) I can hear the sounds, small squares continue to play animation at the bottom, and the game is still working, but nothing happends. Sometimes it just stuck without the text. And sometimes if you wait long enough it just return back to pve area, but in most cases I just don't have enough patience to wait cause it take around 2-5 minutes to finally drop connection.

    This bug is really annoys me, cause I meet it very often, sometimes even my first attempt stuck in loading, so I have to restart the game again and again.

    I can record a video if it helps...
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    Lord Jesus and I just restarted the game four times!
    And constantly I get on the same player with which there is no connection.
    Which leads me to think that probably this bug is related to the location of players and when the connection is bad the game just stuck in loading screen.
    Typically this happens only with some players...

    As I said this is the most annoying bug in the game at the moment. Is there any information about when the update will be released?

    Here is the video, four times in a row the game got stuck in the loading screen...
  • Still have this issue and very often! Almost in 50%...
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    This bug has nothing to do with how good the connection is between both players. A player you previously connected to just fine can still end up with you infinitely loading with them.

    This bug persists until one of the players disconnects(closes the game) from the other player. The player then gets put back to where they were, able to continue as normal. While the other player has to get back in the game again.

    I don't believe location matters, it might be a placebo effect, it did previously when you could get a loading screen leaving Combat Trials but that's been fixed.
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    I hope this is a high priority issue.

    Streams to publicize the game won't look appealing if the streamer is sitting at loading screens and has to keep killing the game and starting it back up.
    Since the game is not marked as Early Access, it won't have that "Hurrah" when the game is in a "Finished State". It's own community has to get it's population back and rolling after the mishaps of release.
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