How to Balance the Three Styles

I was told to put my suggestions on balancing here, instead of on the Steam forums, as many people have told me that the developers pay more attention to these forums. So, I'm just going to copy and paste the links from the various discussions from Steam, onto this forum. Best case scenario, I get a response from a developer explaining the path they plan to take on the subject of balancing. Here's to hoping:

I know that's a lot, but I think the discussions made on these threads are worth a look at.
For a summary:
Forsaken: Extend the stun time ever so slightly. Just to guarantee fast or medium hits.
Windfall: Two possible suggestions: (Either one, but not both, as that would break it)
1. Allow successful avoids to drain extra stamina from the opponent.
2. Add an automatic, instant, quick, but very weak slap or jab attack to any successful Avoid that flinches the opponent like any normal attack.
Kahlt: Allow the healing of a successful counter after an Absorb to be able to surpass the starting point and actually heal the player. (I think the idea I put for Kahlt may be a little too much, so some heavy tinkering would be required).

For an explanation of why these balance changes should happen, and more detail about them: Read the the discussions the links lead to.


  • Some good suggestions-- Just gotta add that the Windfall suggestion sounds a lot like Stagger Stance tho.
  • Qzzrbl said:

    Some good suggestions-- Just gotta add that the Windfall suggestion sounds a lot like Stagger Stance tho.

    The second one would be, but it would be a lot harder to land, but would also keep you within engage range of the opponent, allowing counter combos to be more effective.
  • In regards to making windfall's dodge more effective relative to parrying, I think it would go a long way to allow players to swap stance mid evade. Also, removing the input delay on all evasive maneuvers and the dash would allow all styles to be used more effectively by reaction, and thus windfall would be less risky overall despite it's complexity. Parry and absorb wouldn't gain as much a benefit relative to evade due to the fact that without an input delay, evade has less risk relative to it's previous state, with an input delay, compared to absorb or parry. Since there's a higher chance of unsuccessfully evading compared to parrying or absorbing, the ability to react quicker would decrease the amount of guess work. Switching stances mid evade could allow the player to use up to 8 as opposed to 2 methods of attack, without negating the slowing effect of a successful evade due to the time it takes to swap stances afterwards.
  • honestly I don't think forsaken required any form of buff, it's already safe option for any player. Given the fact that you can guess direction (not necessary mean every forsaken player just guessing) make this style strong on so many levels of play.
  • styles works pretty well right now and doesn't need any tweaks. every styles grants you one attack if you use their "style dodge/parry/absorb" well so they are pretty balanced and when you play a lot you can mix every style moves so it's pretty good and balanced as it is right now.
  • My 2 cents.

    Forsaken: add 0.1 sec (MAYBE 0.2) stun time to allow higher chance of hard hitting attacks w/o interruption. Also revert to previous stamina bonus upon successful parry back to 30, maybe 25.

    Windfall: completely agreed with @Velindian. Also take away current stamina debuff against opponent.

    Kahlt: revert stamina bonus back to 50. Lower protection bonus to 10. Delete ghost health. Gain slight health upon successful absorb. Some may say this would create too much of a turtle class, but remember it can be broken with breaking attacks.

    Also add maybe 10 percent distance to universal dodge, just to try and gain some safer distance from spam players.
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